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Searching for cigar gift ideas for a cigar smoker? Choosing the right one isn’t always easy, so we created this quick walkthrough to help you find the best present for the cigar smoker in your life. There are cigar gift sets, cigar boxes, cigar humidors, premium cigars cigar books, cigar flasks, cigar punches, and cigar lighters – everything a smoker needs to strike up and enjoy a stogie.

Cigar Gift Sets

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The one thing no cigar smoker will ever turn down or get tired of is more cigars. Go online and buy a gift box or a cigar sampler from their favorite brand. They normally come in a leather cigar case in sets of 2-5 and are sold by almost every major cigar manufacturer, including Drew Estates, Romeo & Julieta, H. Upmann, and Rocky Patel. Know a brand they love but can’t afford? A cigar gift set is the perfect thing. You can even buy a random sampler for a new cigar smoker, to help them figure out what kind of cigars suit them best. Random samplers contain a small number of different cigars from different brands. They’re great for stocking stuffers, birthdays, Father’s Day, or anniversaries. There’s no occasion so special it can’t be made better with the gift of a great cigar.

Cigar Humidors

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Cigar humidors are the quintessential cigar accessory. No smoker is quite complete without one and no cigar lover ever has one big enough. Cigar humidors are specialized storage boxes designed to carefully preserve and age cigars by controlling the humidity levels inside. Nothing affects cigars quite as much as humidity. Too much, and the cigars become moldy, burn too cold, and are hard to smoke. Too little, and the cigar dries out, burns too hot, and makes the smoke too bitter. (Read How Moisture and Humidity Affect Your Cigars to learn more)

The best cigar humidors have a stainless steel door and are made from Spanish cedar or lined with Spanish cedar, a particular type of wood renowned for its ability to absorb and retain moisture. American red cedar and Honduran mahogany are similar, but don’t preserve flavor quite as well.

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If your cigar smoker doesn’t have a humidor, then you’ll want to consider a NewAir cigar humidor. They’re some of the best. Unlike a travel humidor or traditional cigar humidors, NewAir cigar humidors let you control the temperature inside using an electrothermic heat sink that pulls out warm air, which helps keep the humidity levels tightly controlled. They’re made from rolled steel, but their shelves are 100 percent Spanish cedar. The stylish black and silver steel design heightens the mood of the room they’re in. They’re something no cigar smoker wants to be without, and there’s no occasion they’re wrong for.

Cigar Ashtrays

Once a common feature in every home or man cave, ashtrays are a simple but important gift for any cigar smoker. Modern ashtrays are polished, sleek, and stylish, though some smokers prefer vintage ashtrays, especially if there’s some interesting history behind them. Before buying, find an ashtray that matches their favorite smoking area. You have plenty of options. Besides glass, ashtrays are constructed out of chrome, steel, stone, or wood, with slots to carefully balance a cigar between puffs. There are even group ashtrays that can hold multiple cigars, making them the perfect gift for cigar smokers who smoke with friends. Some ashtrays are sold in sets with cigar cutters and lighters. They’re great gifts for novices and executive smokers alike.

Cigar Cutters and Cigar Punches

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There’s some debate amongst cigar smokers over the perfect way to cut a cigar: with a traditional cutter or a punch. Cigar cutters slice through the end of the cigar like a guillotine, while cigar punches use a cylindrical blade to cut a small hole in the back. This is a necessary part of cigar smoking. The hole is what enables the cigar smoker to draw on the cigar as they smoke. The nice thing about punches and cutters is that they’re a necessary part of cigar smoking, and even though every smoker needs at least one, you’d be surprised how many don’t own one, so they make great gifts. A lot of smokers are convinced one or the other provides a superior smoking experience, so find out which the smoker prefers before buying one.

The most common cigar cutters are pretty basic, so if you’re thinking of getting one as a gift, make sure you avoid plastic ones. Look for something a little fancier. Get one that’s gold or silver plated or has been embellished with a drawing or design. You can even buy cutters with service branch logos on them for military personnel or veterans. There are even large, desktop cutters that you use like an actual guillotine. They’re a bit more stylish than an ordinary, guillotine cigar cutter, and are a great accessory for someone who has a cigar lounge or cigar den. There are some cigars (known as Double Perfecto) that are tapered on both ends and have to be smoked with a cutter. If you’re buying a set of these cigars as a gift, including a cigar cutter with your gift might be a good idea as well.

Cigar punches are smaller than guillotcigar cutters and aren’t as showy. They’re great advantage is that they’re easy to carry. Most will fit on a keychain, so you don’t have to go hunting through a drawer or desk when you want to smoke. They’re often plainly colored, but you can buy them in novelty styles: gold or silver plated, for example. You can even find some with a wood veneer. They’re a small gift, but a good one.

Cigar Holders

Cigar Holders are close cousins to cigar humidors, made for the man or woman on the go. They’re small cases designed for 2-3 cigars, often made from steel or leather. They protect cigars from being crushed while you’re out traveling or planning a smoke away from home. A few high end models are even lined with Spanish cedar to help keeps the cigars fresh. They’re sometimes sold in sets with other cigar accessories, like a lighter or cigar cutter, but more often they’re sold as a combination cigar holder and flask, so you can take a nip while having a smoke. They’re extremely popular as gifts for groomsman, but they also make a great Birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift. You can even get them emblazoned with the recipient’s name.

Cigar Lighters and Cigar Torches

Lighters are probably the only thing more strongly associated with cigar smoking than the cigars themselves and are always make great gifts. They’re popularity means there’s an endless amount of colors and designs to choose from, so you’ll always be certain of finding something to suit a smoker’s taste. You can even get them engraved with their name or a short, personalized message.

For serious smokers though, you may want to consider a cigar torch. These lighters emit a hotter, more focused, and more powerful flame. They’re better at lighting cigars than traditional lighters and they burn better in inclement weather, when it’s windy or raining. A few of the high-end models are even equipped with retractable cigar punches. Cigar torches are more rugged and less elegant than cigar lighters, but a real cigar smoker will appreciate them.

Cigar Books

Cigars are a fascinating subject, so it’s no surprise there have been a lot of books written about them. You can find cigar books on everything: cigar manufacturing, cigar wrapping, cigar smoking, cigar aging, cigar tasting, cigar brands, cigar customs, cigar etiquette, cigar psychology, cigar foods, and cigar drinks. There isn’t a single aspect of cigars some writer hasn’t explored and they always go great with a smoke. If you know a cigar smoker who likes to read, here are some titles that make great gifts.

Title Summary
Ultimate Cigar Book First published in 1993 and now in its 4th edition,The Ultimate Cigar Book is the classic work on cigars. Renowned for its wit and wisdom and credited with launching the cigar craze of the mid-1990s, the book explores the entire history of cigars starting with their invention in ancient Cuba, delves into the manufacturing process, and explains how to find a perfect cigar
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cigars Written in plain and accessible language, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cigars is a must-read for every new cigar smoker. It covers everything currently known about cigars: how they’re made, how to keep them fresh, and how to judge size and shape
The Cigar Companion Published by Cigar AficionadoThe Cigar Companion is most famous for its review section. It contains information on over 200 different cigars, all organized by brand. It also contains a full color guide to cigars, including their history, nomenclature, and advice on how to smoke
Cigar: An Illustrated History of Fine Smoking Loaded with rich illustrations, Cigar: An Illustrated History of Fine Smoking is an interesting but unusual approach to cigar history. Different chapters examine how cigars have intersected with art, celebrity, politics, and gender, as well as the best ways to select and smoke a cigar

Blowing Smoke

Perhaps the most exhaustive collection of funny anecdotes and excerpts about cigars and cigar smoking, with stories and quotes from famous cigar smokers like Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Groucho Marx, Sigmund Freud, and Rudyard Kipling

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