Where to Buy a Wine Cooler Fridge For the Home or Office

A wine cooler fridge is an excellent investment if you’re living in the 21st century and enjoy a good glass of vino on occasion.

Fortunately, we’ve come a long way in terms of wine storage solutions, and a wine cooler fridge is worth your consideration if you have a wine collection, or if you’re thinking about starting one.

Keeping Wine Alive

Wine is alive. Well, kind of. While there might not be any living organisms floating inside a poured glass, wine is made from single-celled plants (yeast), and we say it’s alive as long as it’s safe to drink.

To keep our favorite (and expensive) bottles living, it’s essential that wines avoid four major deterrents: temperature variations, light, low humidity, and vibration. Unless you’ve got a home cave in which to store your wine, the next best thing is a wine cooler fridge.

In addition to keeping your bottles cold, a wine cooler fridge works to avoid these four wine killers by stabilizing temperature and humidity, shielding the bottles from light, and storing them in the proper position, so that they age the way wine makers intended.

When all these things align, you can expect to get longer life from you best bottles and maximize the flavors of ready-to-drink ones.

Where to Buy a Wine Cooler Fridge

There are lots of places to buy a wine cooler fridge and plenty of manufacturers to consider. Whether you shop online, or prefer performing a thorough review in person at a retail location, doing your homework ahead of time will help keep the price where you want it and ensure you’re getting all the right bells and whistles for your home wine storage.

Start your search online. Compare prices and features and take note of which brands offer service and support, as well as warranty options for your new wine cooler.

Home wine storage solutions will vary depending on a few things: how much room do you have for a cooler? How many bottles do you need to store? And will there be other items in the cooler aside from wine?

Be sure to look for quality materials in the design, such as digital control panels, metal or stainless steel finishes, adjustable racks, a locking door, and tight seals. And once you’ve settled on a brand, use our online store for wine coolers to get the best price.

A Great Investment

Most importantly, a wine cooler fridge is an investment (especially with all those nice wines inside!), so it’s advisable to find a manufacturer that stands behind its products with a warranty that ensures your purchase for at least a year.

If you’re looking for a brand you can trust with your home wine collection, check out the warranty on these NewAir Wine Coolers.

After all, you and your wine collection deserve a brand name you can trust to ensure a long and delicious life.

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