The Best Wine Coolers: Built-In or Freestanding?

Built-in wine bottle holders dimensions will depend on your existing cabinetry.

Whether you live in a cabin or a castle, you want your home appliances to seamlessly work with your décor scheme and work to the best of their ability. It’s critical to choose the best home appliances in order to fit your lifestyle, as well as your home. That’s why NewAir is proud to stock a wide inventory of beverage coolers, beer coolers, compact wine coolers, and other units to fit your needs and desires.

For wine connoisseurs, it is critical to have the best wine coolers at their disposal, especially if their homes are not equipped with cool basements or cellars to keep the wine chilled to the optimum temperature. But with several options available, including a built-in wine cooler or freestanding unit, which wine cellar coolers are the best investments for you? Here, NewAir breaks down the differences between built in beverage refrigerators and freestanding coolers, and gives you the low-down on the best wine cooler selection for your home and needs.

Built-In Wine Coolers

Built-in wine coolers, like the NewAir AWR-290DB or AWR-190SB, are specifically made to fit seamlessly below your existing cabinetry. They could take the place of a garbage disposal underneath your kitchen counter or fit flawlessly within an existing home entertainment system in your personal bar, RV, or man cave.

Pros of Built-in Wine Coolers

  • • Ideal for people who wish to blend their wine fridges with their existing home décor
  • • Compact design that is easy to fit under just about any existing cabinetry
  • • Vent to the front of the unit to ensure the interior temperature remains ambient in its surrounding location
  • • Small space means the ideal fit for small kitchens, apartments, RVs, and other tiny rooms
  • • Energy efficient
  • • Simple to maintain
  • Thermoelectric wine coolers can only be built-in

Cons of Built-in Wine Coolers

  • • Since it is not freestanding, it needs existing cabinetry to guarantee seamless placement
  • • Often smaller than freestanding units, meaning less capacity to store all of your wine collection
  • • Not available in a large variety of options, such as freestanding wine coolers

Freestanding Wine Coolers

Freestanding wine coolers can stand independently of cabinets and walls in which appliances with built-in capability are placed. Typically larger than built-in units, freestanding wine coolers are ideal for people who want to place their wine collections just about anywhere. Additionally, freestanding units sometimes vent from the back. If this is the case with your wine cooler, you must be sure to place it in a location where the vent is not touching or too close to a wall and the appliance has access to ambient fresh air.

Pros of Freestanding Wine Coolers

  • • Can be placed literally anywhere and don’t need the assistance of cabinetry to install
  • • Come in a plethora of sizes to fit your growing wine collection
  • • Energy efficient
  • • Reversible door, eliminating the worry about direction of swing working in your floor plan

Cons of Freestanding Wine Coolers

  • • May not fit seamlessly within your existing cabinetry or home décor
  • • Need to be installed away from walls to ensure back vents are working optimally

Which Unit is Right for You: Built-in or Freestanding?

With both built-in and freestanding wine coolers offering many benefits, you might be wondering which option works best for you. If you’re short on space, a built-in wine fridge is perfect for you. For example, if you want to make the most out of your tiny kitchen or apartment, or are looking for a cooler to impeccably fit within your small bar or man cave space, the built-in wine cooler option is ideal.

Additionally, if you have a small wine collection and no future plans to buy more bottles, a compact and sleek wine cooler could be your best option.

Wine lovers that want the option of storing their wine collections anywhere should opt for freestanding wine coolers. If you love to entertain in your kitchen, backyard, boat, or any other space, a freestanding wine unit gives you the luxury to enjoy wine wherever and however you want.

If you plan on growing your wine collection, you should invest in a large wine cooler. NewAir’s freestanding options, such as the AWC-330E, have the capacity to store up to 33 bottles. If your collection is going to grow, you should have the room to properly store all of your existing and future bottles of Merlot and Chardonnay.

Freestanding and built-in wine cooler options both have many benefits, and both selections are ideal for different types of wine collectors. Thankfully, NewAir stocks the best wine coolers with both options in one single place, making it simple to access the perfect wine cooler for your home.

The Best Wine Coolers: Built-In or Freestanding?

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