Best Portable Space Heater: 5 Elements to Research When Choosing

If you want to stay nice and toasty in the wintertime, or all year round for that matter, purchasing a portable space heater is a quick and convenient way to efficiently raise room temperatures for any space.

A portable air conditioner and heater is available in a wide array of styles, such as the NewAir AH-470 or the AH-600 baseboard heater. They are also a great way to lessen the cost of utility bills during the cold winter months. Many feature convenient amenities, such as programmable timers, safety features, LED display and adjustable thermostats, and digital controls to give you complete power over your unit.

If you are in the market for a portable space heater, here are five elements to research when it comes to choosing the best one for your needs.

Heater Type

The first thing to do when purchasing the best portable air conditioner with a heater is identify the type of heater that you want. Despite a plethora of styles on the market, there are three main technologies under which all of these portable heaters fall: convective, radiant, and micathermic. Convection heaters provide full-room heating systems, radiant heaters can heat a space quickly, and micathermic heaters offer widespread heat while being compact and saving space.

Heating Capacity

When you’re on the hunt for a personal heater, another critical element to consider is the size of the space which you are trying to heat. The heater wattage system will tell you the size of space it will cover. A good rule of thumb is to use 10 watts of heating power for each square foot of your space, enabling a typical 2,000-watt portabl space heater to generate enough power to comfortably heat 200 square feet. If you’re in the market for garage heaters, you’ll want to make sure it can heat up at least 500 square feet of cold floors, like the NewAir G56.


As stated above, many portable space heaters boast safety and technology features. One of the most important features to have on a heater is a safety trip over switch, such as the one the NewAir AH-470 is equipped with. If the switch is accidentally tipped over, the heater will automatically shut itself off. Another feature that this heater has is an over-heat protection mechanism that switches the heater off automatically if it overheats.

Noise Level

Nobody likes to be disturbed while trying to relax. Like many electrical appliances, personal heaters can generate noise. Some models will produce more sound than others. If you like the quiet, consider an oil-filled radiator or baseboard heater.

Energy Efficiency

If you are eco-conscious or wish to maintain a low heating bill, consider a heater with a programmable timer and the power to switch itself off when the room is at the perfect temperature.

Choose the Right Portable Space Heater

There are many portable space heaters to choose from. NewAir offers a variety of high-quality heaters, such as the sleek and compact NewAir AH-450B, which will make an excellent choice for any home. Simply consider the aforementioned tips, such as safety features and energy efficiency, when looking for a portable space heater and you’ll be able to stay nice and warm all year long.

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