Benefits Of Owning A Home Misting Fan

Introducing the Newair AF-600 18-Inch Outdoor Misting Fan

Bring beauty and cooling comfort to your patio, porch or outdoor entertainment area with the Newair AF-600 18-inch outdoor misting fan. We are proud to announce the addition of this fan to our catalog of products. Its durable construction means years of use for you and your family, while the handsome design brings a fresh look to your outdoor space. With simple controls and easy setup, this misting fan is an exciting product we’re proud to bring to the market. Here’s a look at the many features and benefits of adding this misting fan to your backyard.


Stunning Look

When is a fan more than just an appliance? When it adds to the overall look of your space. That’s exactly what this outdoor fan does for your entertainment area. The curved fan blades and bronze finish give this piece a hint of retro style, while the clean lines make it a perfect contemporary accent piece. Place on the porch next to your sofa or sectional to complete your seating area, or keep it poolside next to your lounge chairs for a perfect finishing touch. Coordinate this fan with wood-finish furniture or antiqued bronze decorative accents for a vintage vibe, or pair it with sleek patio furniture in matte black to bring a modern feel to your backyard.


Cooling Mist

As kids, we ran through the sprinkler to stay cool in the hot, dry sun. The Newair outdoor misting fan gives us a more grownup way to cool off. This fan delivers a fine mist that brings much-needed moisture to dry climates, letting you spend more time enjoying the outdoors. To use this function, all you need is a standard 0.75-inch garden hose. Use the mist next to your pool for afternoons spent sunbathing, or keep it next to the patio during summer barbecues to give guests relief from the heat. Because this fan offers adjustable height and tilt, you can direct the refreshing spray wherever you need it most.


Multiple Settings

Different temperatures call for different settings, and this outdoor fan offers a variety of options to give you customized cooling. Three fan speeds let you select between a gentle breeze, steady stream of air or powerful cooling, so you can stay comfortable no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. Use the low setting for quiet afternoons reading a book on the patio, and crank up the fan to high for hot days when the kids are outside playing. Customize your cooling even further by turning the mist on when the weather is arid and dry, or leave it off on muggy days and enjoy the crisp air circulating on your deck or porch. The Newair AF-600 outdoor fan also offers oscillation, helping to cool a larger area of your backyard so everyone at your next barbecue can enjoy the refreshing breeze.


Portable Design

Are you planning a camping trip or a beachfront barbecue? Take your Newair misting fan on the road with you. The lightweight design makes this fan conveniently portable, and the simple setup means you can quickly have your fan ready to cool virtually any outdoor space. All you need is access to a standard outlet (and a garden hose if you want to use the misting feature). You can also move the fan easily from the porch to the deck, pool or garage for any of your at-home outdoor events.


Added Benefits

You might be surprised to learn that this Newair misting fan can do more than just keep you comfortable outside.

  • Use the Newair AF-600 outdoor fan to keep your children comfortable as they play outdoors. The cool air help to prevent them from overheating, and the fine mist adds to the fun of spending time in the yard.
  • This misting fan provides more than just relief for humans; it can also make hot weather more bearable for pets. Adjust the height and tilt so the cool air and mist are directed toward the yard or the doggy house, and let your pets frolic outside for some fresh air and exercise. They’ll get to stay cool while they play, and you can enjoy spending time with them too.
  • Having an outdoor fan also gives you a convenient way to keep flying insects at bay, as they generally don’t enjoy flying into the wind. Keep the fan on low in the evenings to fend off mosquitoes so you and your guests can spend even more time outside.
  • Use the fine spray to keep flowers and plants on your patio hydrated so you don’t have to remember to water them every day. This fan also comes in handy when you are gardening on hot days. Point the fan head down to direct the breeze and mist toward where you are working, so you can spend more time in the garden tending to your plants and flowers.

When it comes to keeping your outdoor space comfortable in hot weather, Newair has you covered. Our Newair AF-600 18-inch outdoor misting fan is just one option to consider. The AF-520B 18-inch misting fan offers some of the same great features in a sleek, modern design. Its ultra-quiet operation makes this fan a smart option for use on quiet evenings, and the 500-square-foot cooling capacity helps to keep your outdoor space refreshing, even on the hottest of days. No matter what your design preferences and cooling needs are, Newair has a versatile fan option sure to work for you.

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