As Laundromats Disappear, Millions Wonder How They’ll Do Laundry

Laundromats continue to shut down at an alarming rate leaving many residents of urban areas with no place to do their laundry.

According to the latest data from the Census Bureau, the number of laundromats in the US has decreased by 20% since 2005 with an especially large drop in cities such as Los Angeles (17%) and Chicago(23%).

This change has led to millions of wealthy new residents moving to cities like New York, which in turn has lead real estate developers to remake the neighborhoods that laundromats traditionally exist in, such as Harlem in New York, or The Castro in San Francisco. This gentrification replaces laundromats and leaves in their place luxury apartments with built in washer/dryers that the old residents of the neighborhood cannot afford, or small living units with no clothes washing facilities at all.

While people often talk about the effects of gentrification on culture such as  residents being socially and economically marginalized, the erosion of the laundromat business leaves a very real and tangible problem as millions of urbanized Americans wonder where they are going to do their laundry.


…not that laundromats were ever that great of a solution to begin with!

Besides the fact that laundromats tend to over-charge low income residents who have no other options, laundromats were also often unsafe, and require those using the facility to wait around for hours. Not to mention the giant markups they have on items like laundry detergent and fabric softener.

While some buildings have built in laundry facilities, the residents of those buildings can tell you about how hard it is to do laundry because of inflexible hours, finding an available machine, getting quarters or waiting for someone to get their wet clothes out of the dryer.

Those who wanted to buy their own washer or dryer were often thwarted by the expense of full size washers and dryers, space concerns or not having the proper hook-ups in their apartment.

That doesn’t even take into consideration those who choose to live in tiny homes ( a movement growing rapidly due to the reduced living costs and environmental concerns) those who live in mobile homes and college students who live in dorms and often have to go home to do laundry.

In short, if you don’t live in a place with a full -sized washer and dryer laundry it was a real problem.

The rise of portable dryers

There hasn’t been a good solution to this problem until now, thanks to the NewAir Compact Portable Electric Dryer.

NewAir has been the name you can trust since 2002 when it comes to portable appliances and their latest offerings, the New Air Compact Portable Electric Dryer MiniDryer26W  and the MiniDryer36W, are the perfect solution to doing laundry in small spaces on a limited budget.

At only 28 inches tall, 24 inches wide and 21 inches deep, weighing only 44lbs, the New Air Compact Portable Dryer fits in any laundry closet. Perfect for Dorm rooms, RVs, boats or anywhere you might need to dry clothes.

The New Air Compact Portable Electric Dryer requires no re-wiring and plugs right into any 120v three prong outlet. All you have to do is plug it in and you’re ready to start drying (it can be vented indoors and outdoors).

“With the growth of highly concentrated urban centers, combined with smaller living spaces that don’t have the room for regular-sized washer/dryers, we see our clothes dryer as a great solution to that problem,” stated Andrew Stephenson, Director of Product Marketing.

As Laundromats continue to shut down at an alarming rate leaving residents of urban areas with no place to do their laundry, NewAir will continue to create affordable, space saving appliances allowing people to do more with less.


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