7 Winter Hacks to Make Life More Comfortable


Does the prospect of winter weather spoil your pleasure in the season’s change? When you think of winter, do you tend to focus on ice scrapers and frozen locks, rather than on  being cozy with a cup of hot chocolate? Here are seven life hacks to make cold weather a breeze... (or should we say, a breath of warm air?)


1. Conquer Icy Pavement

Even if you don’t have a cat, old-fashioned clay kitty litter should be part of your basic winter toolkit. You’ll gain traction on icy stairs and driveway, without melting the ice into garden-killing salt water.


    2.  Don't Get Cold Feet 

    Avoid wearing cotton socks in winter, because they lose their insulating ability when they get wet. Wool or polypropylene will feel warmer, especially if you add wool insoles to your shoes.


    3. Save Money by Investing in a Space Heater

    Instead of cranking up the heat in the entire place, use a space heater to warm up the air around you. Check out the NewAir portable ceramic heater for a sleek and quiet heater for your place.


    4. Insulate Your Windows

    You probably already have some bubble wrap, and you may be able to get more for free by asking around at furniture stores. Just cut it to size, wet your windows with water, and press the bubble wrap against the glass.


    5. Heat Your Body, Not the Room

    To save money on heating bills and still be cozy, try snuggling up with a hot water bottle when you watch TV. An electric blanket can also keep your body warm, while avoiding the expense of heating your entire home.


    6. Use Your Ceiling Fan

    Most ceiling fans have two settings. One is to pull cool air up from floor level, while the other one is meant to circulate warm air down into the room.


    7. Condition Your Snow Shovel

    Shoveling snow is hard work, but you can make it easier by coating the blade with non-stick cooking spray or paraffin candle wax.

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    For more great winter life hacks, check out this fun video, “Winter Home Hacks Everyone Should Know.”



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