Choosing from the best beer fridges for your home doesn’t have to be hard, and considering your preferences and doing some research will ensure that you make the right choice for your specific needs.

A dedicated beverage cooler will provide the extra room you need to stock up on all your favorite drinks — without sacrificing space for food in your kitchen refrigerator. Best of all, a mini fridge designed for drinks will offer you just the right storage features and temperature controls to make the most of your collection. Whether you’re a connoisseur of craft beers or just want to have a supply of soft drinks for the kids, you can’t go wrong with a beverage refrigerator in your home. So here is a review of our 5 best beer fridges.  Enjoy!

Beer Fridge Considerations

The Location

The Look

Not sure where to put your beer fridge? Try one of these suggestions:

Kitchen: There’s nothing more convenient than keeping all your household drinks in the same room.

Home Bar: Create a dedicated beer or wine center with all your favorite mixers and barware. This setup is perfect for aspiring mixologists!

Wine Cellar: You can create a climate-controlled storage area for beer and wine in your basement, just like they do at your favorite winery.

Garage: Rather than rely on an inefficient old refrigerator for extra drinks in your garage, get a right-sized one instead. You’ll save money and be more eco-friendly with an efficient new model.

Workshop: If you have a special place to work on all your projects, try keeping a specialty fridge nearby for instant refreshment while you’re working. This will keep you on task — and keep dirty hands and feet out of the main house.

Rec Room: Your kids, teens and all their friends will love having easy access to cold drinks in your basement rec room or TV center.

The Capacity

The Best Beer Fridges for Your Home

1. Best Beer Fridges for Compact Spaces

5 Best Beer Fridges of 2018

When you want a small but right beer fridge for your kitchen, the is the perfect choice. At just over 2 feet high and 18.5 inches wide, it doesn’t take up much space, but it holds up to 84 standard beer or soda cans with ease. That’s 14 six-packs of your favorite brew, so it’s perfect for busy households and anyone who expects guests to pop in for cold drinks.

This refrigerator is freestanding rather than one of our built-in drink refrigerators, so you can place it on the floor of a dorm room or on a sturdy countertop as part of your home bar, beverage center or personal wine cellar. The matte black body and stainless steel door frame look sleek and sharp in every kitchen setting, and you can adjust the door to open in either direction to make the most of your space. There are also three removable, adjustable shelves so you can customize the interior to hold beer cans, bottles or even specialty containers that need to be kept cold to be at their best.

2. Best Beer Fridges for Fashionistas

5 Best Beer Fridges of 2018
If you love incorporating the latest and greatest looks into your cutting-edge home decor, you’ll definitely want to dive into the black stainless steel trend. Black stainless steel is taking the kitchen design world by storm these days, and manufacturers have come out with appliance suites in this incredible new finish. With the , you can get the look in a matching mini fridge, too.

3. Best Beer Fridges for Dorms

5 Best Beer Fridges of 2018

The best part about a mini fridge is that it’s totally versatile: You can use it for drinks or to keep leftovers and small grocery items fresh for longer. That makes it an essential item for dorm rooms, where you want the convenience of storing quick meals without dealing with a big fridge in a common-area kitchen. The NewAir AB-1200B is ideal for dorm living, since it’s everything you need in a fridge for a small space — and it’s an affordable way to get NewAir’s best technology without paying for a high-end finish.

The AB-1220B has a black plastic housing and door instead of a stainless steel finish, which makes it an affordable entry-level product. You’ll enjoy all the best features of NewAir beverage coolers, including its whisper-quiet compressor technology. At just 35 decibels, this is one of the quietest refrigerators on the market — a crucial feature when your fridge is in the same room where you sleep on campus! This compact, freestanding fridge needs just 2 inches of clearance along the back wall, so it’s easy to fit into even the tightest space.

Adjustable wire shelves make it easy to use your fridge for whatever you need to keep cool. The large capacity interior can hold up to 126 standard soda cans, but you can use the shelves to hold bottles, takeout cartons, fruit and more. If you plan to use your fridge for food, remember that the right temperature for most items is 38 degrees, while carbonated beverages taste better at 34 to 36 degrees. With an adjustable temperature range, you’ll be able to have full control over your fridge with just a flick of the wrist.

4. Best Beer Fridges for Beer Lovers

The NewAir AB-1220 126-Can Beverage Cooler is a serious beer drinker’s best friend. There’s room for up to 126 standard beer cans inside, which means you can keep 21 six-packs cold and waiting for your next party, movie night or outdoor barbecue. With such a large capacity, you’ll never run out of cold beer during even your biggest bash — and you’ll never again have to send a friend into the garage to get a drink. The AB-1220 is designed to enhance our kitchen with stainless steel doors and an interior light that shines on your collection of craft brews.

Low temperatures are typically best for carbonated beverages like beer and hard cider, but you’re in complete control of your favorite beverage thanks to the mechanical thermostat. With seven different temperatures on the dial, you can adjust this fridge from as cool as 34 degrees to as warm as 64 degrees, allowing you to have the optimal temperature for many different types of drinks, including beer and wine. Five storage racks let you customize the interior to hold all of your drinks, no matter what size container they come in.

At just 18.5 inches wide, it’s easy to find a spot for this fridge. Adjustable feet allow you to keep it level on the ground, or you can create a home beverage center by placing it on a kitchen countertop near your favorite stemware and beer steins. With an appliance that looks as good as this, you’ll definitely want to show it off in your home decor!

5. Best Beer Fridges for a Built-In Kitchen or Bar

5 Best Beer Fridges of 2018

If you’re planning to remodel a kitchen or bar to add a line of cabinets, now is the time to choose a built-in beverage fridge to add to your customized space. The NewAir Black Stainless Steel 177-Can Perfect Chill is a large-capacity beverage cooler that’s designed to fit in with standard base cabinets. The low-profile front ventilation system allows this cooler to fit directly into your cabinets, so you can create a sleek home bar or add a specialty appliance to your kitchen.

At nearly 2 feet wide and as tall as standard base cabinets, this fridge holds 177 standard drink cans — nearly 30 six-packs! You’ll never run out of room, even if you choose to arrange the interior shelves to hold beer or wine bottles instead. This is the ideal beverage cooler for a luxury home bar or chef’s kitchen, and it comes complete with black stainless steel doors for a polished, on-trend look that will easily blend with the black stainless appliance suites that are all the rage right now.

Best of all, this fridge comes equipped with low-vibration compressor technology, so you’ll enjoy whisper-quiet operation, no matter where you decide to install it. Low vibrations also make this a good choice for storing your favorite bottles of wine, since you won’t have to worry about shaking up sediment and altering the flavor of your best vintages. The temperature control allows you to adjust the fridge to a warmer 55 or 60 degrees for red wines all the way down to the 30s for crisp, fizzy drinks.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Beer Fridge

Once you’ve chosen the best beverage cooler for your needs, make sure you get the most out of it by carefully following the installation instructions so you have proper clearances around the sides and top. This will allow your fridge to function at its most efficient, saving you money and allowing it to last for many years.

You’ll also want to allow the fridge to chill for several hours before loading it with your favorite drinks. Choose a temperature based on your preferences for just how cold you like your items, using the following guidelines as a jumping-off point:

  • Carbonated Drinks: 34 to 36 degrees
  • Food and Produce: 36 to 40 degrees
  • Sparkling Wine: 40 degrees
  • White Wine: 55 degrees
  • Red Wine: 60 to 65 degrees

No matter what your taste in decor or drinks, you’re sure to find the right NewAir beverage cooler for your home. Whether you base your decision largely on looks or on its storage capacity, you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect drink any time you like, and your home will function better when you have the right appliance for the job. In fact, you may find yourself wondering how you ever lived without a dedicated beverage refrigerator in your home.

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