4 Tips for Choosing a Cigar Humidor

Cigar humidors are the perfect way to age your cigars. They preserve flavor and freshness by controlling temperature and humidity, and they’re an invaluable accessory for cigar lovers. If you’re searching for a cigar humidor, we’ve got four tips to help you choose a good one.

  1. Pick the Right Size. The size of the humidor you need is determined by the number of cigars you have. Pick one that’s too small, your cigars will be crammed together too closely, which impedes circulation and dries out your cigars. Pick one that’s too large, and you run the risk of over humidifying your cigars. Cigar humidifiers are designed to fill the space they’re placed in. Too much empty space, and the extra humidity gets absorbed by the cigars and ruins the draw. Most manufacturers will list the number of cigars their units are designed to hold. A good rule of thumb is to buy one slightly bigger than what you need, that way to have room to grow your collection.
  2. Choose a Humidor With a Good Wood Type. The type of wood a humidor is made from determines its ability to maintain consistent humidity. Spanish cedar absorbs moisture better than any other type of wood, which is why it’s used so often in cigar humidors. NewAir humidors, like the NewAir CC-100 and the NewAir CC-300, have Spanish cedar shelves that preserve humidity and enhance taste. Cost is a factor though. Spanish cedar is expensive. If you need something more affordable, look for a humidor with Spanish cedar lining, or one made from American Red Cedar or Honduran Mahogany. They retain moisture like Spanish cedar, but are less costly.
  3. Pick One with Temperature Control. Most humidors are passive units. The temperature inside is largely determined by the temperature outside. Active humidors, like the ones sold through NewAir, control the temperature using electronic cooling systems that dispose of heat and pump in cold air. They’re often more expensive, but provide better protection. Make sure the one you buy uses a thermoelectric cooling system. They control temperature without disturbing humidity levels, the way a compressor system would.
  4. Purchase a Cigar Humidor With a Tight Seal. If your cigar humidor doesn’t have a tight seal, it won’t be able to insulate your cigars or maintain proper humidity. The easiest way to check the humidity on an ordinary humidor is to open the lid and let it fall. If it closes with a “whoosh,” the seal is good. If it closes with a “bang,” then it’s bad. Wineadors and NewAir cigar coolers have a different test. Put a dollar bill in the door and close it. If the bill doesn’t slide out with a slight tug, it has a strong seal.

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