The Wine Cooler Trend

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Overview -What is a Wine Cooler?

Wine coolers are just one of the many options out there to chill bottles of wine.

It is an electronic appliance, much like a miniature refrigerator, except the mechanism inside is made for keeping wine at an optimum temperature.

  • Wine coolers can be known by other names, like a “wine fridge” or a “wine refrigerator.”
  • Wine coolers are versatile, as they can house any kind of wine, and also have many other purposes.
  • The main purpose of the wine cooler is to chill wine to the appropriate temperature, for consumption sooner rather than later.
  • Some coolers have the option to manipulate the temperature inside, so to speak, so that the maturation process of the bottles of wine is possible.
  • While it does not have the same capacity as wine cellars when it comes to maturing wine, those who wish to do this process still can with the coolers.

The Trend

Wine has grown in popularity in recent years.  Everyone seems to be getting into the spirit of collecting bottles of wine, or gifting bottles of wine to loved ones and co-workers.  And, for those who do not have much space to spare for a wine cellar, a wine cooler is their best bet.

Not only are they versatile, but they can fit in pretty much any space, making them a great fit for the beginning or seasoned wine enthusiast with small space to work with.

In the United States, the wine trend has been growing.

In fact, wine has essentially become the “new beer” when it comes to alcoholic consumption, beating out hard liquor and even certain craft beers when it comes to the average American’s drink of choice.  This is where the wine cooler becomes so important.

Useful in Many Ways

NewAir Dual Zone Wine CoolerWine coolers are not the only way to store bottles of wine.  There are wine cellars and regular refrigerators, among other options.

However, wine coolers are a cut above the rest, for many reasons.

  • They are a versatile product, and boast many other uses, including storing other food and beverages inside it (but this should only be done on occasion and they should not be kept in the wine cooler for too long).
  • They also help to keep bottles of wine readily available, as said above, and have the option to chill the bottles quickly and conveniently.
  • They come in many shapes and sizes, and can be placed anywhere, including the kitchen counter (the smaller models to hold one or two bottles of wine).
  • They also give wine consumers the option to store their red and white wines together, without messing with the delicate temperature processes of either. These are called dual zone wine coolers that allow for different storing environments.
  • There are also single zone wine coolers as well, and these are great for those who enjoy only one type of wine.

Perfect for Entertaining

Like said above, its sole purpose is to chill wine to the perfect temperature for (practically) immediate consumption.

This is great for those who love to entertain.  With a wine cooler right in the middle of the action, the host or hostess does not need to keep running away from the party to grab a fresh bottle of wine.  A perfectly chilled bottle is always there.

  • A wine cooler is, essentially, a mini refrigerator, but specifically made for wine.
  • There are multiple trays built in the interior.
  • On these trays are depressions made for each individual bottle of wine, allowing for an even chill for each bottle. This also works for the interior space, and means that the bottles can be stored safely and efficiently.

Some Rules of Wine Storage

Wine coolers are a great way to protect the bottles of wine.  For those who use a regular refrigerator to store their wines, they run the risk of having other odors from the various food and beverage inside the refrigerator permeating through the wine and ruining its quality.

wine-cafe-300Keeping bottles of wine away from anything that is not wine is crucial to the maturation process, and keeping the quality of the wine perfect.

If there had to be a general temperature to store wine at, it would be about 55 degrees F (or 13 degrees C).  It is perfect for red wines. Though for blush and white wines, it is a decent temperature to keep it at, but they should really be kept cooler (having white wine at 55 degrees F will not hurt it, but it should not be kept in this temperature for too long).

Sparkling wines and champagne have the coldest storage temperature, at about 45 degree F (or about 7 degrees C).

  • Wine should always be stored on its side. The cork will have a tendency to get brittle and dry out, causing havoc when it comes to opening the bottle.
  • Also, storing the bottles of wine in the appropriate humidity environment is crucial to keep the cork together.
  • If the humidity is too low, like it would be in a refrigerator, the cork will also dry and crack.

Wine coolers are the best investment for the money when it comes to wine storage.  They are much cheaper than investing in a wine cellar, and are more versatile than the cellar.  The coolers are the best choice for all wine consumers, young and old, experienced and novice.

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