What to Do When your Wine Cooler Won’t Cool

NewAir AW-210ED dual zone wine cooler

Are you having trouble getting your NewAir thermoelectric wine cooler to a satisfactory temperature? Follow these steps to help resolve the problem when your wine cooler won’t cool.

Please keep in mind it can take up to 48 hours for a wine cooler to reach the desired temperature after you plug it in, especially if it is filled with bottles of wine that have been stored at room temperature.

Location, Location, Location

Because of the way the technology works, thermoelectric wine coolers are not meant to be used outdoors, or in any room where the temperature reaches over 80°F.  If your wine cooler is located in a garage, basement or other room without climate control, it won’t be able to lower the temperature inside the unit.

Be sure the unit is not located in direct sunlight, or next to a heat source like a stove, oven or radiator. The excess heat put out by these items will also reduce your cooler’s ability to cool effectively.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

NewAir AW-210E dual zone wine cooler - rear viewNext, make sure the wine cooler has proper clearance around the side and rear air vents. We recommend at least 5 inches, to ensure adequate ventilation. If air does not circulate through the vents, excess heat will accumulate and reduce effective cooling. Eventually, the unit will burn out completely.

While you’re checking the clearance, ensure the vents are free of dust and debris, inside and out, and that the exhaust fan is working properly to dissipate heat.

A Tight Seal

Next, check the seal around the door. Is it closing properly and completely? Even small gaps can allow cold air to escape from inside. If the rubber gasket is worn or cracked, replace it so you can get a better seal. You can order a replacement gasket from customer service.

If the gasket is in good condition, it might be that the door is not hung properly. Adjusting the screws so that it hangs level can improve the overall door seal.

Is something inside the wine cooler keeping it from closing all the way? Make sure the shelves are all the way back, and that extra-tall bottles aren’t getting in the way without you realizing it. Take a moment whenever you close it to make sure it’s closed tightly. And finally, avoid opening it too often, as this can cause the interior temperature to fluctuate unnecessarily.

Electronic Malfunctions

Check the temperature control settings. Make sure you have set the thermostat to the desired temperature. Keep in mind that most of our single-zone thermoelectric wine coolers only cool down to 54°F. Dual zone coolers will chill down to 44°F. (Check your manual for the range available on your unit.)

NewAir wine cooler control panel

Place a thermometer inside the cooler and compare the result to the temperature displayed on the control panel. If there is difference between the actual temperature and the display temperature, the problem lies with the circuit board in the unit, which will need to be replaced. Contact customer service for assistance.

What if the actual temperature matches the displayed temperature, but it still won’t reach the temperature you’ve set? If you’ve already corrected the potential problems listed above, then it’s likely that the heat pump inside the unit needs to be replaced. This is actually fairly simple to do – most handy DIYers can probably make the swap themselves in just a few minutes. Contact customer service for replacement parts, or to have a professional do the job for you.

NewAir AW-121E 12 bottle wine cooler

If you ever have problems or questions about your wine cooler – or any NewAir product – our customer service team is just a quick phone call away. Call (855) 963-9247 to get the assistance you deserve!

5 thoughts on “What to Do When your Wine Cooler Won’t Cool

  1. Hi, We have a two sided unit. The right side is workin fine, but the left side where we keep our white wines has stopped cooling (I think the fan isn’t running). We did clean the vents (which did have a lot of dust on them) and tried unplugging the unit hopeing that it would reset but it didn’t. We’ve only had the frig for a few years, any suggestions? Thank you so much.

  2. We have a NewAir AW-210ED. This is a two-zone wine cooler. The top unit stopped cooling and runs at 75 even though set for 60. Bottom unit working fine. Vents in back clean. Fan runner ng all the time. No change in location nor number of bottles in either unit.

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