Tips for Cleaning Your Ice Maker

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Tips to Cleaning Your Ice Maker


As with other appliances in your home, your ice maker needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Don’t know the best way to go about cleaning your ice machine? If not, here are just a few tips that will help you to get the job one.

How To Clean Your Ice Maker


Before cleaning out the ice maker there are some things you should do first.

  • The first step lies in cleaning out your refrigerator unit and freezer. Cleaning these areas gives you space to properly clean, and helps you to save food from harsh chemicals.
  • Once the unit has been cleaned out, be sure to defrost the unit. Lift up the arm on your ice maker to ensure it does not continue to produce ice while defrosting.
  • Once it has defrosted, you will need to clean out the ice tray. When cleaning, be sure to remove the tray from inside of the freezer. Dump out any water or ice within the tray before you commence to cleaning.
  • Once cleaned out, turn the unit upside down to dry.
  • After the ice tray, clean out the maker itself. The professionals say to utilize professional grade ice maker cleaner for this task.

While cleaning, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and add in your cleaner. Plug in your unit and let the cleaner work its magic through three cycles. After, be sure to throw out the ice that was made and clean the tray out once more before you use it again.

Additional Tips


  1. vinegar-lemon-clean-300The number one rule when cleaning your ice machine, is to ensure it is protected against extreme temperatures. It is also important that it has unrestricted air  flow. Your machine should not be cleaned in temperatures less than 40F or hotter than 90F.
  2. Your machines exterior should be cleaned on a weekly basis.
  3. Cleaning should be done utilizing a diluted solution and bleach. This should combat any mold growth that may occur.
  4. Another tip for cleaning your ice machine, is to rinse out your air filters on a regular basis. This will help rid the filters of grease, dust, and other substances that may keep the ice maker from achieving optimal performance.
  5. You want to be sure that while you are cleaning you check for leaks. Common areas to check include the ice maker itself and the bin drain pipes.
  6. Be sure the ice maker and bin drain pipes  are free of debris as well.
  7. Always  remember that your ice machine is not a storage bin, as this will damage the machine greatly.

Proper Cleaning Materials and Solutions


Some tools that have been discussed are utilization of a diluted bleach solution, and professional grade ice maker cleaner.

While these are two common tools in the process there exist a few other options that are arguably better: Homemade ice machine cleaners.

  • Some people use vinegar solutions to clean their machines. It is food and machine safe, and free from nickel contained bin most machines.
  • One downside to utilizing vinegar exist in its lower acidity. Its low acid content means that it will take longer for it to clean the machine, however it works well at getting rid of hard-water deposits.
  • This is why other people use lemon or lemon water. The acidity is good for sterilization.
  • Another solution can be the utilization of commercial grade cleaner. This is considered the safest solution and boast the most gratifying results for a clean ice maker.

Be Sure To Clean The Exterior

wipe-stainless-steel-300As mentioned before, you should always clean the outside of your ice machine. This is almost as important as cleaning the interior.

  • Cleaning of the exterior has no result on the taste of the ice itself but can affect hygiene.
  • At one point or another while utilizing your machine, you will have to touch the exterior.
  • If it is dirty, you risk contaminating the ice you touch with that same hand.
  • The germs from the exterior will not only transfer to the ice, but to your drink as well.
  • Cleaning this portion of the machine includes a diluted bleach solution, and a damp cloth to wipe it down with.

When cleaning your ice machine, you should never use chemicals that are not food and equipment safe, as they can pose a risk to your health.

Alongside that, always use steel equipment. Using unsterilized equipment can be harmful to your health as well. You do not want to utilize a dirty sponge, chock full of germs as they may be transferred to the machine, and in turn to the ice that will make a splash in your drink.

Ice machines are a great tool for your home, or even on the go, as some come portable.

They can help to make a warm drink cool, and works great in the summer heat.

As with many appliances, this one needs to see its fair share of cleaning. While many versions exist on the market, the same tools are utilized in the cleaning process. From vinegar and bleach solutions, to homemade cleaners, you have a myriad of options that will help aid you with the cleaning process.

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  1. I was wondering how to clean my ice maker for so long! Thank you so much for sharing! I’ll use your tips next time I’m cleaning!

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