Save Money on Winter Energy Bills with a Zone Heating Plan

toy house wrapped in a scarfWe all love the comfort central heating provides in our homes – what we don’t love is the huge energy costs when the bills come around at the end of the month.

Think about it – do you really need to be spending money to heat your whole house, when you’re only using a few rooms?

That’s why implementing of a zone heating plan can save you money.

What is Zone Heating?

Zone heating is simply the practice of only heating the parts of your home that you are actually using. Why keep the guest bedroom and drafty living room warm when you are cozied up with a movie in the den? Instead, turn down the thermostat on your central heating and use space heaters to heat up individual rooms while you are in them.

The advantages of zone heating are many, but the biggest is the potential reduction in your heating bill. According to the US Department of Energy, you can save 3% for each degree you reduce the thermostat. That adds up quickly – imagine getting an extra $90 a month in your pocket!

Other advantages of zone heating include:

Electric space heaters are 99% efficient – that means almost all the electricity they use is transferred into your room as heat. In comparison, central heating systems are only 70% efficient – much of the energy they take to operate is lost as heat dissipates in the ducts between the furnace and the vents. That means even more savings for your pocket.

Quicker heat up time – no more waiting for the whole house to heat up, since heat output is concentrated right where you are.

Accurate thermostat control – thermostats on central heating systems only measure the temperature in one spot. Zone heating lets you monitor and control the temperature on a room-by-room basis.

Everyone is comfortable – no more thermostat wars, since each person in the household can control the temperature in their own space.

Start Planning For Zone Heating Now

The time to start putting together your Zone Heating Plan is now, before the weather actually gets cold. How many space heaters will you need to keep yourself comfortable as you move around your home during the day? Do you want multiple space heaters for each area, or would you prefer to move a portable heater from room to room?

There are many types of electric space heaters available on the market. Here are some suggestions to get you going:

For large rooms and open areas:

NewAir AH-600 baseboard heaterThe NewAir AH-600 1500W baseboard heater will keep up to 250 square feet warm, so it’s great for family living areas. The low profile heater doesn’t have a fan and operates noiselessly so it won’t interfere with television or conversation.

For small rooms:

NewAir AH-410 Electric Space HeaterThe NewAir AH-410 provides enough heat for smaller rooms up to 70 square feet – like a bedroom or office. 700 watts of heating power quickly heats up your room, and the compact size makes it easy to move where you need it.

For personal spaces:

NewAir AH-400 portable space heaterThis is an extremely low-watt option meant for keeping your immediate area warm, perfect for under your desk or next to your favorite chair by the tv. The NewAir AHG-400 is small and quiet, but effective, and at 400 watts a real cost-saver.

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