Poker Night Turned into More Than Just a Game

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My friends and I never go out. You’ll never find us at a bar or restaurant chatting it up with the girl at the next table. It’s always just poker night at my house, and I was bored of that idea this past Friday night. Instead, I wanted to meet the lonely girl at the bar or make some new friends. I didn’t want to dress up and go to a club or anything, but just have a casual night out with my friends like normal people occasionally do. I wanted to turn our poker night into more than just a game.

man drinking beer-poolIn my household, I’ve declared game night with my boys to be every Friday Night. I set up my exquisite poker table with the green velvet surface in my dining room, and I take out my chip holder from under the coffee table. I always ask my friends to bring over a case of beer just so we have enough to go around. I normally place them in my refrigerator and beverage cooler. Poker nights usually go in the same order. We eat, drink beer, and take each other’s money playing. However, I wanted to do a something a little different this time. My friends had no idea what I strategically planned for a night out on the town.

There were 7 of us including myself, Frankie, Vince, Victor, Julian, Paul, and Carl. We all have very different personalities. Frankie and Vince are both grade school teachers, who love to drink on the weekends and “twerk” on their free time. Victor lives with his girlfriend of 10 years and mostly complains about it and work. He’s the lightweight of the group. One Mike’s Hard Lemonade and he’s slurring his words and stumbling by 11pm. To get a better idea of him, he was more than drunk than me on my last birthday. I get along best with Julian, probably because our personalities are very similar. He is what you call a social butterfly and can drink the most out of all of us. He will to do anything, go anywhere, and make a ton of friends while doing it. I worried about her the least when I was about to put my plan into action. Paul, on the other hand, has never been single in his life. He has always had a long-term girlfriend, so I fear he can never be alone. Maybe he’s just the sensitive type. All in all though, together we make the perfect, yet weirdest, group of friends to walk the earth.

So, back to my planned night out. I wanted to go to a nearby bar but everyone, except for Julian, wanted to stay in. So what did I do? Buy a keg. I told them not to bring any beer over, and they were eager; probably because they knew they would get drunk. When they arrived, they saw the glorious keg and suggested we take turns doing keg stands. I obliged. My record keg stand is 10 seconds, by the way. Julian’s is 18 seconds. No surprise there. I then placed the keg into my AK-200BK kegerator to keep it cold. Glass by glass was filled and then emptied into our mouths. My plan was working. I knew that by getting them somewhat intoxicated, they would be more inclined to do whatever came of the night. To expedite my plan, I turned up my heater. Making them sweat and play poker uncomfortably would be a great way to encourage them to want to leave. Don’t worry, I made sure to do all of this before 10pm. This would give us enough time to enjoy ourselves at the bar. Keep in mind I also made sure to not get my friends over the top drunk!

avacadoI claimed my heater was broken and unable to turn off, and suggested we walk the 0.3 miles to the nearest bar in order to continue the night. They obliged! There’s a Chipotle by the bar as well, and once we saw it, we immediately became hungry. It’s not new to say that we get the munchies when we’re a little under the influence. I think it happens to everyone. Worst news I heard today though is that Chipotle might stop carrying guacamole! The growth of avocados are at risk from global warming, which means that they can be harder to purchase. Prices will rise and Chipotle will not be willing to pay for this heavenly ingredient! The prices for avocados are already expensive for me, and I can’t imagine paying extra for them either. I’m hoping our climate get it’s act together because no avocados would be a shame to all Mexicans. Guacamole goes with EVERYTHING; burritos, tacos, chips, eggs, soup, sandwiches, seafood, burgers, smoothies, meat, etc. Dare I say, salsa is next!!!

After we had a burrito or two, we walked into the bar. It was so much fun! We ordered a round of beers, played pool, and I even spotted the lonely girl at the bar. I didn’t talk to her though because she was crying. That’s too much to handle. However, I’m so glad my friends had a good time. They’re already talking about our next night out. We even stayed out when the bar closed to eat again. There are three restaurants I know that our open to satisfy my munchies; they are In-n-Out, King Taco, and Ihop. We went to Jack-in-the-Box. But you know I still enjoyed it.


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Samantha Cuevas

Most of my friends call me Sam for short. I’m a Social Media & Brand Manger at Luma Comfort. I enjoy writing, reading, sports, and cooking. I have a huge love for animals and weird obsession with video games.

When I’m not in the office, you’ll find me at the beach either surfing or riding my bike. I love being outdoors and taking in the Vitamin D.

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