One Cuban Cigar, Cooled Please

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At my high school graduation, I pulled out a pack of Cuban cigars and passed them around to my friends. Our entire class sat in the very front row facing the audience, and in our white dresses we lit up our cigars. I could hear the audience starting to whisper and mumble to each other as smoke started to arise. I could also see my parents eyes widen with shock. My high school was pretty uptight. Our school board was pretty strict and who, of course, would not approve of such an action. We knew they wouldn’t be able to kick us out because we were practically graduates already.

As I sat there in boredom during the two hour long ceremony, I thought I would try to blow out smoke rings from the cigar. It didn’t turn out so well back then! However, several years later, I believe myself to be an experienced smoker and I would love to share how to master that skill:

actor-jack-nicholson-smoking-a-huge-cigar-1280x8001. Only partially inhale the smoke. You want it trapped in your throat, not just your mouth.

2. Keep your tongue flat against the bottom of your mouth.

3. Curl your lips to a “O” shape and stick out your lips as if you are saying “boo”.

4. Push smoke out of your mouth using your throat. You should be making a quiet choking sound.

This may take a lot of practice, and you will most definitely cough until you get the hang of it. I also didn’t know that you weren’t supposed to inhale the smoke from a cigar. I felt very nauseous after my graduation and had a huge headache. Lesson learned. Here are the proper steps to smoking a cigar:

Cut the cap of the cigar with a sharp blade. However, leave enough room so the wrapper does not peel off and damage the cigar. The wrapper will eventually fall off from the heat of the cigar after smoking it for a little bit.

Moisten the head of the cigar. You can do this with your own saliva.

Using a butane lighter, light the cigar while rotating it. The cigar must be evenly heated before smoking. Once you start to see a red glow or if the cigar starts to combust, place it in your mouth.

Do a few puffs and blow on the lit end so you know the cigar is  properly lit. Remember not to inhale the smoke. A cigar is purely to enjoy its flavor.

To remove the ash, hold the cigar against an ashtray and cautiously push it off. The taste of that toasty cigar on your palette is what you look forward to after a long day. There’s nothing better than sitting back in a lounge chair and lighting up your Cuban cigar. It’s a cliché picture, but it’s relaxing.

01-22-2014_250So that picture perfect moment sounded pretty good, right? So guarantee a delightful puff each and every time you have a cigar by splurging out on a cigar cooler. The NewAir CC-121E cigar cooler will keep your cigars in prime condition, making them last longer.

Cigars are born in a humid, tropical environment. An environment most humans consider too hot or too dry to actually live in. In order to protect cigars from a different type of environment, a cooler is needed. By adding a hygrometer to monitor humidity and a humidifier to maintain humidity to the CC-121E, you will have a complete humidor. It’s modern and compact design holds 250 cigars and comes with two wooden shelves. With the right combination of temperature and moisture, your cigars will live a long life in there.

To test the freshness of your cigars, pinch it. If the cigars are exuding oil and returns back to its shape, then they’re in the perfect condition with the proper humidity. By constantly monitoring your collection in the CC-121E, you can begin to notice any cracking, bending, or splitting from a dry cigar. If the end of the cigar is expanding or if there is mold, this may indicate that the humidity level is too high.

However, I found that there are alternative ways to restoring dry cigars. They may be slow, but they are convenient and better than passing up a good smoke:

Damp Towel

Wrap your cigar box with a damp towel for two to three weeks.

Plastic Container

Place a hygrometer and cigars in an airtight, transparent container. Monitor the RH level without opening the container. After a few hours, place a humidifier inside. Remember to monitor your RH levels and humidity constantly. Once you get the right level, maintain it by adding water as needed for two to three weeks.

Zip lock Bag

Vent the bag by poking holes and place your box of cigars inside. Place it inside a larger zip-lock bag along with a damp sponge and seal. Rotate the cigars every couple of days for even moisture.


Place an open box of cigars inside the bathroom while taking a hot shower. When finished, closed the box to trap the moisture, and rotate the cigars every couple of days for two weeks. You can then place your cigars in a humidor for proper storage.

As a high school graduate, smoking a cigar definitely increased my coolness factor in college. They may be bad for you, but they sure helped my gain a lot of friends. As I grow older, I want to preserve scotch so I can learn how to enjoy both at the same time. I’ll blog about that in ten to twenty years from now.

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