NewAir’s Gold Series Wine Cooler

NewAir’s Spectacular New Wine Cooler
NewAir AWR-1160DB Dual Zone 116 Bottle Wine Cooler

NewAir is breaking new ground with the NewAir AWR-1160DB Dual Zone 116 Bottle Wine Cooler. It’s a premium wine fridge for serious collectors. It has a sleek, versatile design and a powerful cooling system that creates the perfect environment to age and mature your wine.

Dual Zone Cooling

Like the NewAir AWR-460DB and the NewAir AWB-360DB, the NewAir AWR-1160 has dual cooling zones for your reds and your whites. The temperatures are adjusted with an LCD control panel and can be set for 40°-50°F in the upper zone and 50°F-66°F in the lower zone, the perfect storage settings for any vintage.

Expanded Storage Capacity

The NewAir AWR-1160DB is large enough to hold your entire collection – 116 bottles. The beech shelves are set on a three rail sliding system that allows them to glide a full 2/3 of the way out when you pull on them, guaranteeing quick and easy access to your wine. Each shelf can hold 11 bottles, when they’re set end to end, and there’s even an oversized rack on the bottom for larger bottles, like champagne.

Lustrous Display

Unlike other wine coolers of its class, the NewAir AWR-1160DB has gold interior lighting, which gives your collection a lustrous shine. The light has two different settings: high and low. Adjust it to suit your mood and time of day. Display it for guests or turn it down at night so you can find your wine without disturbing your home.

Solid Construction

The NewAir AWR-1160DB Dual Zone 116 Bottle Wine Cooler is made from cold, rolled steel. It has three layers of insulation and a double pane glass door to protect against heat and temperature fluctuations. It has a locking mechanism, to keep out unwanted guests, and a front vent that allows it to be used as a freestanding fridge or built into your cabinets or walls. It’s 23.5 inches long, 26.8 inches wide, and 56 inches high. It weighs 183 pounds and is ETL certified.

Safe, secure, and powerful – the NewAir AWR-1160DB Dual Zone 116 Bottle Wine Cooler is the stylish, versatile, and well-sized wine fridge for your whole collection.

Still curious? Check out the NewAir AWR-1160DB spec site or leave questions in the comments.

NewAir’s Spectacular New Wine Cooler

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