NewAir Compact Dryers: Convenient Solutions for Your Active Lifestyle

You’re always on the go, and you can’t spend precious time worrying about laundry. With these two new compact dryer offerings from NewAir, you don’t have to. The NewAir MiniDryer26W Compact Portable Electric Dryer and the NewAir MiniDryer36W Portable Dryer provide the efficient drying you need in lightweight, compact sizes that can go virtually anywhere you do. Take a look at some of the many ways these dryers can have you rethinking your approach to laundry.

Who Needs a Portable Dryer?

Whether you are a busy college student or an avid fishermen, these portable dryers offer the convenience you need to tackle your laundry each week. Here are just some of the ways these handy appliances can fit your lifestyle:

  • ✔ Pool owners can quickly dry towels after daily laps
  • ✔ Boating enthusiasts can freshen up clothes after a day on the water
  • ✔ Owners of tiny homes can build their very own portable laundry centers
  • ✔ Apartment dwellers can ditch the weekly trips to the laundromat
  • ✔ Retirees can have instant access to laundry facilities in their RVs or campers
  • ✔ College students can do laundry without taking time away from their studies
  • ✔ People vacationing in a summer cabin or cottage who want easy access to laundry facilities

Where Should You Place Your NewAir Portable Dryer?

Your NewAir portable dryer can go just about anywhere you want it to. It needs no external venting to the outside, so it fits neatly in any room of your home. Tuck it next to the sofa in a studio apartment, and use the top surface as an end table for added versatility. Stash it in a dorm room closet for an easy way to hang clothing as it comes out of the dryer, or place it in a corner of your RV for a durable drying solution as you take to the open road. Both the NewAir MiniDryer26W and the NewAir MiniDryer36W require standard three-prong outlets, so there’s no need to worry about rewiring to install your dryer. Plus, both models can be wall-mounted for an additional space-saving option.

What Are the Differences Between These Two Dryers?

While the differences between these two portable clothes dryers are few, knowing what they are can help you to choose the right model for your lifestyle.

NewAir MiniDryer26W NewAir MiniDryer36W
Weighs 44 pounds Weighs 50 pounds
2.6 cubic foot capacity 3.6 cubic foot capacity
Measures 23.62″L x 17.13″W x 27.56″H Measures 23.62″L x 21.46″W x 27.56″H
Ideal for single users Ideal for couples or a family of three

While there are some key differences, both of these dryers share some key characteristics. They both offer three drying cycles and four temperature settings, giving you the perfect options for releasing wrinkles from work clothes, flawlessly drying delicates, or simply freshening up clothes that have been tucked away in storage. Easy operation and convenient control panels give both of these appliances the user-friendly experience you want from your laundry equipment. Because these two mini dryers are electric, there’s no need to have an existing laundry hookup for installation.

Whether you choose the NewAir MiniDryer26W or the NewAir MiniDryer26W portable electric clothes dryer, you get an appliance that is sleek, stylish and efficient. Rethink your approach to laundry when you add one of these portable appliances to your home, boat, or RV.

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