Where and Why You Need Misting Fans

On a hot summer’s day, a misting fan can be your best friend. It works on the same principle of a humidifier. A fan blows a fine mist of water into the air and if the air isn’t humid, the mist evaporates, taking heat from the air with it. This allows the misting fan to work like an air cooler. In a dry climate, a misting fan can work very well outdoors.

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Misting fans come in many different styles, from industrial strength, to small portable battery-operated fans that consist of an electric fan and a hand-operated water spray pump. You will want a larger model to get any sort of benefit. They use the cooling power of evaporating water, so they are all natural and good for the environment.

Where can you use a misting fan?

So, where can you use a misting fan? There are many different places, including:

  • At home: Of course this is the logical choice. Think of how nice it will be to have a misting fan at home, helping you cool down when the weather begins to heat up. With it forecasted to be the hottest summer on record this year, having a misting fan can be a cheap alternative to an air conditioner, especially in terms of the energy being used.
  • Festivals: If you are hosting a festival, you want people to be comfortable. Well-placed misting fans on a hot summer day can become the most popular attraction of the festival, and there may be line-ups to enjoy them.
  • Why and Where to Use Misting FansSports: Any time you have outdoor sports, you have people sitting for long periods of time watching. Having a misting fan on-hand can help keep them cool, and help protect them from the dangers of heat stroke and dehydration.
  • BBQs and Camping: If you are going to be hosting a camping trip, or having a backyard BBQ, you want your guests to have a comfortable time. Having a misting fan helps that happen by making sure your guests are not sweltering in the heat, but are instead enjoying a nice cool, misty breeze.
  • Pool Parties: While being in the pool is great to cool off, sometimes sitting by the pool is nice. To make the experience even nicer, you can have a misting fan set up so that your guests who aren’t in the pool, are still enjoying the cooling feeling of water on their bodies.

Who Benefits?

The heat is not just uncomfortable, it is downright dangerous. In 2003, Europe had its hottest summer since 1540. During that summer, when temperatures reached record levels, 70,000 people died from the heat. In France, they had seven days of 40⁰C temperature, something never seen there, resulting in 14,000 deaths.

Having a convenient way to cool down is important. Humans sweat, and that sweat forms beads on our skin. When a breeze passes over that, it cools the water and helps us cool down. This is why something like a misting fan can be so important. It creates beads of cool water in the air, which falls on those around it, helping keep them cool without having to use the energy of an air conditioner. So, who can benefit from having a misting fan?

  • Children: Protecting your children is important and when they are playing outside, having a misting fan will keep them cool when the temperature begins to rise. Sometimes children forget to get something to drink when they are having fun, and that can lead to health problems such as dehydration. To prevent that from happening, have them play near a misting fan, so they can keep cool and hydrated while they play.
  • Pets: Your pets don’t sweat like you do. For example, dogs burn heat off their bodies by panting, or through their paws. This is why it is important that you have a misting fan set up for your outside pets, along with water bowls and shade. That way, they can keep cool and comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about them becoming ill or even dying from the heat. The same goes for horses. While horses do sweat, you can have a misting fan set up in the horse stables so that while your horses are resting, they are keeping cool.
  • Workers: If you have employees outside, or in a warehouse where the temperature can get high, having a misting fan will protect those people. It also keeps workers comfortable. A comfortable person is a person who is productive. Any time workers are battling the heat, they are not doing their job at full capacity, and that is going to cost additional money.

More Uses for Misting Fans

Sure, using misting fans is a good idea during activities, but what about creative uses of a misting fan? First of all, you can use your misting fan on a high setting to mist tropical plants in your house. That way, you provide them with the high humidity they need to thrive.

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You don’t have to use a misting fan just for keeping cool, you can use it to create the right environment for the plants, animals and possessions that you have in your home.In a small room or closet, you can make your own walk-in humidor to store cigars, or to help you keep a room climate controlled for collectibles.

If you are going to get a misting fan, you should look at getting the NewAir AF-520 Misting fan. This NewAir misting fan comes with a fully adjustable fan head and heights so that you can have it at the perfect level to keep cool. It has several fan speeds, and can keep areas of up to 500 square feet cool in the hot summer. In addition, the push button controls make it easy to use. Its rugged outdoor designs make it perfect for having on the deck when the summer is very hot. You can’t go wrong with one of these top choices in misting fans currently on the market.

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