How to Keep Your Toddler Cool This Summer

Keep Your Toddler cool this summer


Summer is finally here and you are probably looking forward to it. However, sometimes this season can just be too hot, in which case your toddler may become irritable or sick because of the rising temperature. Fortunately, there are some really simple, easy and fun ways to keep your toddler cooler in summer without getting your utility bills to skyrocket by the end of the season.

Here are a few of the top things you can do to keep your toddler cool, happy, and excited during the season.

Shut Your Windows and Doors

Though you may be tempted to open the curtains, windows and doors of your house to get the sun inside, but you should not give in to your temptation, especially on very hot days. This will help in keeping your toddler cool because the hot air will not be able to enter.

If you want some sunshine, open your curtains and blinds but avoid opening the windows. You should consider investing in shutters or awnings as these will help you in stopping the sun from coming in and raising the temperature of your rooms.

Once the temperature cools down and it is dusk, you are more than welcome to open the windows and let the cool breeze in. Just remember to open all the windows for this purpose. If you open only the windows at one side, you will not be able to drive out the hot air quickly.

Keep Your Toddler’s Clothes Light

Even toddlers need to enjoy themselves during the summer; and if you really want them to be less cranky during the heat, you must dress them according to the season. Get rid of all those shirts and pants and instead opt for rompers or, if no one is around, simply let your child roam in their diaper.

If you are expecting guests or going out somewhere, dress your toddler in shorts and sleeveless shirts to prevent them from feeling too hot when they are outside. You can also pack a few rompers if you are going to be away for a long time since you never know when the temperature could rise.

Entertain Your Toddler With Water

There are a number of ways in which you can really entertain your toddler using water. Here are some of these fun and enjoyable methods you can try out:

  1. A mini water table is one of the best ways to keep your toddler cool and entertained. Now you do not really need to invest in a table; just fill your highchair’s tray with water, drop in a few toys and watch as he/she splashes around. Be careful not to put too much water in or else your toddler will end up wasting most of it on the floor.
  2. If you want to spend quality time with your toddler, you can always fill up a tub up to a safe point and hold them while they splash around the water with their legs. You can also give your child a bath and let them play with toys so that the heat does not get to them.
  3. Invest in a small plastic pool for your toddler and place it in the shade. This will keep your child cool and can initiate them into the world of swimming. However, remember to stay away from this pool around noon as that is when the sun can be merciless. Also, apply a lot of sunblock on your soft baby’s skin to avoid sunburns and other skin issues they may face.

Keep them Hydrated

Even though your child is still too small to suck on a popsicle, you can always keep them cool by Keep Your Toddler Cool This Summerkeeping them hydrated. Semi freeze some water or juice and let your toddler enjoy the fresh and cold taste. If your child is not too keen on water, you can always mix in the slight tastes of fruits or limes to keep things a little interesting.

Moreover, you can also offer one-year-old toddlers fun and cool fruits such as watermelon, strawberries and pineapples. However, make sure to taste them first to be sure that they are not too sour for your child.

Visit Your Favorite Air-Conditioned Venues

An easy way to escape the heat is by venturing into air conditioned places such as malls, libraries, museums and aquariums. Because your toddler will not really mind where you are going as long as you keep them cool, it would be best if you visit a place that makes you happy and relaxed. There are even a few places where you will find play areas for your child while you cool down too.

Invest in an Air Conditioner

AC-14100E Keep Your Toddler Cool this summerA more permanent step to keep your toddler cool and safe is to invest in a NewAir AC-14100E portable air conditioner. These air conditioners are best for your toddler because they provide a safe and secure environment. If you are deciding on the portable air conditioner you need, make sure to buy one that has louvers and is not open from the front, so that your toddler can’t get fingers caught.

Ideally, you should keep the air conditioner in a place where the toddler is not able to reach easily. NewAir air conditioners would be the best product for you and your baby because they are not only safe, but can keep your toddler cool and happy as well.

In addition to these, one of the most important things you can do to keep your toddler happy and cool is to shower them with all the love you have. Your toddler needs all the attention that he or she can get. So spend as much time as you can with them and you will be able to take care of your cranky, overheated baby easily.

Follow these helpful suggestions and survive the summer with your toddler!

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