The Insider Guide on how to score points with your man

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For all of you ladies who are against making that extra effort…hear me out. A relationship is a two way road but I will be honest, expect to give more than you receive. Don’t let this deter you because in the long run you will get your way more than you think. What you want to do is build up your points against his. Now scoring points with your man is a tricky thing. Many people will tell you to be easy going, cook for him, wear lingerie and most importantly don’t say “I told you so”, however these aren’t as effective as you think…alright alright the lingerie thing works pretty much every time. Despite this, they are easily forgotten or expected all the time. What you want to do is make him not forget how much of an awesome wife you are with the least amount of effort. How do you do this you ask? Well here are a few inside tips on how to do so.


No matter what stage in your relationship if its dating for a couple months or married for twenty years you should know what your man likes to drink. He either enjoys a cold beer, glass of scotch or bottle of wine. Men are simple and repetitive creatures and will usually have that one place he keeps his chosen beverage that he visits daily or weekly. This is your chance! Get him a NewAir wine or beverage cooler filled with his favorite wine or beer. He will be reminded everyday when he goes to pull out a nice cold one, just how awesome you really are. Secretly you now have a new elegant, digital cooling, place for your wine and more room in your fridge, because his beers are no longer taking up space. This is what I like to call a “win, win situation”.


Statistics say that the majority of men think it’s hot to see a woman who likes to indulge in burgers, fries, and buffalo wings. Granted, a lady should preserve her health and never overdo it. Eat politely, but show that you can hold your own and eat just like a man. Those Carl’s Jr. commercials with Kate Upton chomping down on a mouth watering buffalo blue cheese burger isn’t just for show.




The rumor is that ladies talk more than men but the truth is, we talk just as much too. We are also way more impressionable. So listen to what his friends have to say. If you want to get in the good with your man get on the good side of his buddies. You can cook for his friends, give him space, and look hot or…blow them away with a kegerator. Not just any kegerator but a Ak-200SS. This is your ace in the hole. When his friends come over and see this stainless steel, single tap, 60 gallon pouring piece of art you can confidently say you just scored the winning touchdown in the Superbowl. You are now officially wife of the century.


I will just cut to the chase. Get your man a garage heater. The NewAir G56 to be exact. This little gift from above will change his life. He won’t admit it because men as we all know are too stubborn to say that they are cold but he will no longer dread those trips or winter nights in the garage. The fully certified G56 with 5600 watt heating capability and a easy to use temperature control which will make those cold nights a memory of the past.


 Ladies you will never have to think about brownie points ever again.

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