How to Keep Your Server Room Cool and Safe

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Protect your data center with proper cooling systemsAre you gambling with your company’s resources? If you aren’t protecting your server room with a proper cooling system, then chances are you’re at risk for a major malfunction due to overheating. Overheating is the number one cause of data loss for businesses, so it’s crucial to have cooling equipment installed and operating at all times.

When selecting a portable air conditioner for cooling your server room, there are several essential features you should look for.

1) Automatic Restart

NewAir AC-14100E portable air conditioner for server rooms with auto-restartBlackouts don’t always happen when someone is in the office. While computer equipment may reboot automatically when power is restored (so that websites and services are restored as quickly as possible), most electronically-controlled air conditioners restart unless someone pushes the power button. It could be hours before someone gets into the office to start it – are you willing to risk damage to your data systems in the interim?

That’s why the NewAir AC-12100E is a perfect server room solution. With a built-in auto-restart function, this unit will resume operation at the previously set levels as soon as the power comes back on. That way there is no delay in providing cooling to your expensive server room equipment.

2) Self-Evaporative Technology

As an air conditioner cools the air, it also removes moisture in the form of condensation. This water is collected in a tank inside the unit. The tank has to be emptied regularly, or connected to a hose for continual drainage. Not only can this be a time-consuming task, it could lead to trouble in your server room  if a tank were to overflow, or a hose get blocked up leading to a flood.

But every NewAir air conditioner features self-evaporative technology that makes having to empty the tank a thing of the past. Instead of just collecting the water, a self-evaporating air conditioner uses the water from the air to actually cool the compressor and condenser, and then expels the remaining moisture outside through the exhaust hose. That means that, except in the most humid weather, you’ll never have to empty a tank or worry about accidental overflows.

As a side benefit, self-evaporative technology actually improves the efficiency of the air conditioner, so you’ll spend less for more effective cooling power.

3) Ventilation Options

computer detailIn order to expel heat from the server room, your cooling system needs to have sufficient ventilation. A window air conditioner is out of the question, either because the server room is located in the interior of the building where there are no windows, or simply because an open window would pose a security risk.

Portable air conditioners, on the other hand, have flexible exhaust hoses that can be vented in a number of ways. When a window is not available, the hose can be easily installed to vent through a wall or drop ceiling, so hot air is expelled into a crawl space or other less sensitive area. The exhaust hose on the NewAir AC-12100 air conditioner extends to almost 6 feet in length, so your options for venting are almost unlimited.

When you’re looking for the perfect cooling solution for your company’s server room, make sure you invest in equipment that will provide the reliable, consistent, and efficient cooling you need. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, so long as it does the job. Remember – it’s your business that’s on the line.

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