Grandma Briefs Interview: A Q&A With One of Our Favorite Bloggers

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Grandma briefs interview: A Q&A with one of our favorite bloggersOur friend Lisa writes the blog Grandma’s briefs, where she posts advice, tips, and tidbits about life, family, and how to improve them. We really wanted to pick her brain, so we sat down and asked her about why she got started writing, how’s she’s become so successful, and why she loves NewAir and Luma products so much. She talked about how helpful NewAir and Luma have been, walked us through the start of her writing career, and gave us a peek at her plans for the coming holidays. With so much great stuff to sift through, we hope you enjoy reading what she had to say as much as we did.

  1. How did you get started with blogging?

I was editor of the “Special Sections” department at the local newspaper, producing all the niche products (parenting magazine, how-to guides, travel sections, etc.) and advertorial sections (weekly real estate and auto sections). When my department was eliminated in December 2008, my writers—who were also my friends—encouraged me to start a blog. I had just become a grandma, so sharing “briefs” about the grandparent lifestyle seemed a given, hence “Grandma’s Briefs.”

  1. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a blog? How much time do you spend on your blog? Where did you learn? How much money do you spend on your site?

My advice would be to not wait until you know everything about blogging because you never will as the medium is continually evolving. Just dive in and learn as you go. I taught myself by joining and following blogging networks and sites that provide info and insight on blogging, as well as fellow members to connect and share ideas with.

I spend a lot of time on my blog, perhaps more than many grandparent bloggers, only because I view Grandma’s Briefs as my job. It’s the “home base” of my writing career and the spot from which my freelance writing stems—my primary source of income. So between my blogging and writing and promoting and such, I spend pretty much the same amount of time many people spend on a full-time job. I spend far less money on my site than I do time, with the costs being primarily for web hosting and products that relate to my site (such as the costs for PicMonkey, InLinkz, etc).

  1. What do you look for with brands you work with?

I do my best to work with brands that provide products relevant to the lifestyle of grandparents/baby boomers/empty nesters, products my readers and social media followers will (and do) actually use, as well as information and services my readers and social media followers will genuinely appreciate and consider. If a brand’s products aren’t something directly used by my readers, then it should be products my readers will consider purchasing or recommend to their loved ones—which makes for a pretty wide range of products. Plus, I only work with brands who allow me to try out their products. Marketing materials can make anything look great, but sometimes products don’t live up to the claims. I don’t want to encourage my readers to spend money on products that aren’t worth the cost, and the only way to know that is by trying the products myself.

  1. What do you like about NewAir? Is it the reliability of the brand? The products we offer? 
Grandma Briefs Interview: A Q&A With One of Our Favorite Bloggers
Lisa – Author of Grandma’s Briefs

The NewAir products I’ve tried fit my lifestyle perfectly, appliances and conveniences I never realized would make my life easier (and happier). I’ve never reviewed one that left me with a “meh” feeling. I’ve been sincerely enthusiastic about all of them. A big plus has been that each product has stood the test of time. I’ve never needed to amend a review months later, after finding the product pooped out. NewAir offerings are long-lasting, long-satisfying products.

  1. What do you like about Luma Comfort?

The “comfort” in the brand’s name is for real. Luma Comfort products make life more comfortable—and cool! I especially appreciate brands that live up to their name, and Luma Comfort definitely does.

  1. Who would you say uses our products?

I can’t imagine anyone would NOT use the products, regardless of age, income, or lifestyle. Perhaps the only reason folks may not is because they’ve not yet heard of the ways you make life more comfy and satisfying (and easy, in many cases).

  1. How do you get ready for the holidays? 

I get ready for the holidays by seeking ways to make family celebrations go more smoothly yet be festive and fun—during the prep work as well as the celebration. Two products that will be stars of my festivities this year are the Avalon Bay Air Fryer, for food prep of all sorts, and the NewAir Water Dispenser, for keeping holiday guests hydrated—and their cups of hot cocoa and hot tea continually and conveniently filled!

Thanks for everything Lisa! We always love what you have to say.

Grandma briefs interview: A Q&A with one of our favorite bloggers

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring Grandma’s Briefs! I’m honored to be here and privileged to have the opportunity to review — and enjoy and share with my readers — the fabulous line of NewAir products!

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