Got Rid of the Bottles, But Can’t Get Rid of My Friends

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For quite some time my wife wasn’t too happy with how I managed my favorite past time. As a die-hard Lakers fan, it’s only right that I never miss any of their basketball games. I enjoy them in a very common, manly way. I kick back in my recliner, dip my nachos in cheddar cheese, and of course, have a six-pack of New Castle beer on hand. When I invite a pal over, it’s common knowledge that the words BYOB should come to mind. They should always bring an additional pack of beer. I cross my fingers that they bring me a 36-pack, but I guess that’s asking too much of them. One day, while my friends were over, I politely informed my lovely wife that we needed an extra recycling bin for our beer bottles and cans. Her response was very loud and aggressive, and before I knew it, my man cave was no more.

iStock_000018103707SmallThe loud noise and maintenance of my beloved man cave were not an issue with my wife. The aftermath of these glorious events is eventually what drove her mad. I asked if things could revert back to the way they were if I eliminated the mess. Could I enjoy my hobby again? Her response was still loud and aggressive, yet she at least made the notion that it was a possible. I did more brainstorming than any middle age and average intelligent man should. Ideas came as fast as my wife would throw them out the window. I couldn’t bury the bottles, I couldn’t melt them, and I couldn’t do anything that would make it hassle free for me. I was headed for a dead end. How does one get rid of a large quantity of glass bottles?

My frustration was noticed by the wife. With a smile on her face she recommended watching the games without my brew of choice. I was appalled, if not saddened. How could the love of my life say such nonsense? She followed the suggested rubbish with a comment that, little did she know, would result in her downfall. Said by the love of my life herself; “If there are no bottles, then there should be no mess to begin with”. How it didn’t hit me before still bewilders me. There was only one way I could eliminate all messes, all clean ups, but still enjoy my holy brew. Only one word needed to come to mind in order to spark a strategic search on the World Wide Web, “Keg”. I needed to find a kegerator that not only could house my beer, but look good while doing it. A pretty machine is much more pleasing to the eye than bins full of bottles. I needed something that could maintain cleanliness, allow for thermostat adjustment, and easy to move in case things didn’t go as planned.

AK-200SS-LIFESTYLE-lNothing fitted my needs more than the NewAir AK-200SS Stainless Steel Kegerator. Yep, I said stainless steel. Once this baby arrived, I had her up and running with ease. As soon as my wife got home, I pulled her into my man cave to introduce her to the newest addition to our family. After seeing how well the single tap dispenser fills practically every kind of glassware her initial, not so friendly persona changed to something much more appealing. This kegerator definitely increased morale, as well as the amount of friends who decided to visit on game day. My sweet wife is still adjusting to my growing popularity and even she uses the AK – 200SS to calm the nerves from time to time.

I always remind her that without her help, my man cave wouldn’t be as special as it is today. Smooth, Right?

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