What Every Wife Should Demand From Her Husband

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Every wife has her own set of criteria and needs from her husband, he can’t be boring, must have financial security, enjoys romantic walks on the beach, is charming, thoughtful, appreciative, makes her laugh, and prefers a glass of wine with his wife over a beer with his friends and so on. But there are certain conditions beyond respect that wife’s deserve, they include good communication and honesty, however there’s also a few other things that they deserve. So here go’s.

1. A well groomed man


Every wife deserves a well groomed man. His shirts should be crease free and those socks with the holes, that he had at college, well they should have been left at college. A wife has every right to request for her husband to be presentable to impress her family and girlfriends. Let’s be honest, it is always nice to brag about your husband and listen to others recognized his looks too.

2. Belly Laughs

While your husband doesn’t need to be a stand up comedian, he should be able to spike your days with a little dose of laughter. Life can be difficult at times, especially with all the chores, taking care of the kids and cooking. Your husband needs to be there to turn your rainy days into a sunny bright day that makes your depressing mood go away instantly. Laughter is the best medicine, and having it in your relationship is crucial.

3. A place for her wine

AWR-520SB wine cooler shelvesA woman needs a place for her wine. No doubt this is by far one of the most important things every wife should have. Ladies don’t hesitate on asking for permission, go ahead and buy it yourself. You deserve it, heck you need it, and your husband will thank you. Imagine a long day at work or a day spent cleaning and cooking for the family. All you’ll will want to do is relax and what better thing to have waiting for you than a NewAir compressor wine cooler. This elegant piece of machinery will be something that the two of you can enjoy together and it will also improve your romantic dinner nights, however if you don’t have romantic dinner nights then he needs to be surprising you with one pretty soon. I recommend leaving this blog open on your laptop or computer for him to “accidentally” come across.

4. Being kept warm

Every wife needs a man to keep her warm. If it’s from watching movies, camping, or cuddling on the sofa, then he should make an effort to ensure that the love of his live isn’t cold. If he can’t keep you warm there is always a back up and I don’t mean extra blankets. I am talking about a portable air conditioner that produces heat and can cool you off when he fails to fix your houses central cooling during those hot summer days.

5. To be pampered

An annual trip to a local spa is a must. It doesn’t have to be anything big but even having a pedicure and manicure done makes all the difference. Don’t be shy to show that you love the attention. Be honest with yourself, wouldn’t you enjoy a foot rub and back massage after a long day? You just need to remind him that a happy wife means a happy life.

6. Trips to the grocery store

FruitTips to the grocery store can be very draining and time consuming. Take him along with you to make it faster and more enjoyable. When it comes to those late night trips to the grocery store, have him go instead of you. As the head chef and your husband falling underneath Sous-Chef (Head chef’s assistant). It is his duty to assist you in anyway possible. If you request a truffle then he shall travel to the ends of the earth to find you the finest one for the meal you are cooking (my personal favorite is a Cajun shrimp with Alfredo and a sprinkle of truffle).

7. Cleaning Duties

All husbands should learn how to clean. Now they may say they know how to clean but they really don’t understand the true meaning of cleaning. Don’t be shy to show him how its done. It is important that he knows how to clean correctly so that he can clean up after himself and know the hard work you do. Why should you cook the meal and clean up afterwards all the time? The answer is you shouldn’t. It should be a team effort.

8. Put dirty clothes in the hamper

Regardless of your husbands age he should be able to pick up after himself. I know you’d agree when I say, “wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and come home without his clothes scattered all over the place”. I’m sure it’s not too bad but men are men and they naturally produce odors that aren’t nice to have on your bed or on the bathroom floor. Feel free to aim a newair portable air conditioner towards his side of the bed and hang his smelly socks and briefs in front of it. I’m sure he’ll finally get the picture.

9. Compromise

Compromise is important. He can’t always get his way. You sacrifice a lot for your family so he needs to be more understanding and aware of your wants and needs. Don’t let your desires go to the wayside after you worked a long day to give your family a better life and wonderful meals. Compromise is important to have when you want a strong, healthy and everlasting relationship.


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One thought on “What Every Wife Should Demand From Her Husband

  1. If so; then why should a man choose you? If he just as easily compromise with anyone– what does any particular women have to offer other than convenience?

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