How Electric Fans Can Positively Affect Your Health

Fans have health benefitsFor decades now, various rumors and misconceptions surrounding the usage of electric fans have made the rounds. This has caused a huge problem as people are more skeptical than ever about buying these essential cooling devices. As a result, they turn to expensive alternatives to fight the heat. If you too belong to this group of people, it is about time you knew the truth.  Electric fans have a lot of health benefits that you should reap, some of which are highlighted here.

Electric Fans Can Beat the Heat

During heat waves, electric fans can be of great importance. Since they tend to reduce the heat around you, they can also protect you from the effects of extreme heat on your health. If this seems like a simple feat for you, take a look at the top symptoms excessive heat can cause:

  • Irritability – During extreme heat, the chemicals of the brain will be out of balance, affecting your judgment and causing irritability. Considering the fact that heat goes hand in hand with summer, this is the last problem you need on your hands.
  • Fatigue – Especially for those working indoors, heat can affect your central nervous system, slowing it down. As a result, you feel lethargic and unable to function properly.
  • Heat Rash – Excessive sweating can cause heat rash. This is caused by sweat spilling over to the surrounding skin, leading to irritation and redness. Once your skin gets sunburned, its ability to cope with the heat will be reduced.
  • Hyperthermia – Hyperthermia is when the body becomes overheated, causing spasms or cramps since your body will lose water and sodium.
  • Dehydration – Due to the loss of water, your body will be dehydrated. This will cause your kidneys to hold more toxins.
  • Blood Pressure – The heart will beat feaster to regulate your blood pressure. This can lead to a stroke if you suffer from blood pressure problems.

As you can see, these mental and physical issues are serious in nature. Luckily, preventing them is easy; all you need is an electric fan.

They Ventilate Kitchens, Reducing their Temperatures

Installing an electric fan in the kitchen can greatly impact your health. Because this room is hotter in comparison to the other rooms in the household, cooking in front of a hot stove will be hell. However, discomfort is the least problem a hot kitchen can cause. Due to the excessive heat, levels of moisture inside the kitchen increase, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. If you want to prevent bacteria from growing over your kitchen surfaces and eventually making their way to your food, having a fan will ensure proper ventilation.

Fans Move Pests Away from Your Food

Electric fans positively affect your health without you even knowing it. Since most pathogens are airborne, having a fan on will move them away from your food and things which you and your family may use. Pathogens aside, mosquitos and flies that carry diseases will not be able to land on your food or things, ensuring your health and wellness at all times.

They Reduce the Chances of SIDS in Babies

A fan can reduce the risk of SIDS by over 70%.

According to a number of studies, newborn babies with electric fans in their nurseries are less likely to face Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Since these fans reduce the chances of overheating, the risk of SIDS can decrease by over 70%. Having functioning fans also eliminate the risk of rebreathing, which is a condition where a baby re-inhales the carbon dioxide it exhaled. This carbon dioxide is then trapped in their airway, increasing their chances of SIDS. However, electric fans can counter this issue, saving their lives and keeping them healthy for many years to come.

Now you may wonder why you should go for a fan rather than have your air conditioning unit on. The thing is children are more vulnerable to extreme temperatures and can react badly to cool AC air. On the other hand, a fan from a reliable company like NewAir will reduce temperatures slightly, guaranteeing comfort. Besides, fans are more convenient for cramped nurseries since they come in all sizes and designs like tower structures.

They Create White Noise, Allowing You to Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping or having a child suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, white noise is one thing you need. Those with trouble sleeping or who are sensitive to even the slightest unexpected noise can wake up and remain awake throughout the day. This is why it is necessary to introduce sounds that can drown out such distractions, helping you or your ADHD child relax and sleep. As a result, your body will grow stronger, your immunity will be enhanced, and you will feel fresh in the morning.

These are just some of the health benefits an electric fan has to offer. If you need further convincing to get one, take a look at the following advantages of investing in these cooling devices:

  • fans have health benefitsFans ensure 30% to 40% lower energy bills in comparison with air conditioning units.
  • If you have an AC installed already, these cooling devices can boost its performance by spreading the cold air they produce across a wider area.
  • By reversing their blades to run clockwise, using electric fans allows the circulation of air trapped near the ceiling.
  • Going for portable models ensures that you can stay cool wherever you decide to sit or lie down.
  • Fans can enhance the appearance of your room. They feature different designs and styles which complement the theme of your home. This gives fans an edge over air conditioning units, which are usually more expensive if they feature a dab of color or unconventional design.

As you can see, the benefits of using electric fans are limitless. Therefore, take these aspects into account and, based on your situation, decide on a specific style or design of fan that you can go for. Just remember to always choose a reliable fan with high ratings to get the most from your purchase and protect your family from harm.

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