Celebrating Toronto’s Bob Marley Day

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My friend Andy and I would go to the beach after class almost every day during the spring semester. We had a lot of classes together considering we had the same major, and he is actually the first friend I ever met in college. We went to school by the beach in Southern California so the weather was always sunny and beautiful. During the spring time the temperature is perfect, with just a slight breeze going through my hair. Andy is a male and bald, so he probably enjoyed the wind in a different way than I did, but we loved having the windows down in his car. We would hop into his old, white pickup truck and drive south down Pacific Coast Highway. PCH is a highway along the California coast that gives you the most stunning views of the ocean. No other scenic route can compare to this one. It makes you appreciate what the world has to offer.

To this day, Andy and I are still really good friends and live in the same area by the beach. We really don’t fit into the city life of fashion, crowds, or high end art. Our lifestyle was and still is laid back and mellow with no drama, no stress, and no nuisances. We had our favorite, secret spot at Sunset Beach that was very peaceful since no one really wandered there. Some days we would study, but most of the time we would just sat there and enjoy the view. We would watch the ocean waves through our sunglasses, people watch, and sometimes swim. We have a lot of memories there, and I remember we would always play Bob Marley music.

Rob FordYesterday was the first official “Bob Marley Day” in Toronto thanks to Mayor Rob Ford. He declared February 6th, also Bob Marley’s Birthday, as the official date to honor the legendary singer. It doesn’t surprise me that this idea came from him. Ford should probably link up with Justin Bieber when he’s deported back to Canada. They seem to have a lot in common these days with diminishing careers, drug abuse, and crazy antics. However, I would still love to help them celebrate this particular day because I am a huge Bob Marley fan. So huge, in fact, I am going to renovate my garage around a Bob Marley theme:


The interior of my garage is dirty and unorganized. I can barely walk around in there, so first of all I’m going to start with my exterior. My garage looks like a small shed on the right side of my house, and the wooden door is in serious need of a repaint. I’m going to paint it all white and then paint a peace sign in the colors of green, yellow, and red. You may think this is over the top, but it floats my boat. I also need to install a door opener and closer because I’m lazy, and I don’t want the hassle of getting in and out of my car.


Two sets of lighting would be ideal. One set of florescent lights hanging from the ceiling and another set of green, yellow, and red lights. I’m going to need to be able to see what I’m working on, but also set the Bob Marley vibe for when my friends come over.



This was kind of difficult to decide, but I’m just going to stick with cement. It fits within my budget, and I think it will match what I do with the interior. I’m also going to add a few black rugs.


I’ve decided to paint them all red to make it bold, bright, and contrasting. Everything that I plan to decorate with will be in green or yellow for the full effect. Of course I’ll put some Bob Marley posters up also.


A red tool chest will fit in perfectly with the theme and it will probably be the easiest to find. It’s a common color for a tool chest. It will keep all of my tools organized instead of wasting an hour of my life trying to find one.

Work Bench

This will be used as the central for most of my projects. I have a wooden work bench, which I plan on painting yellow.


My rakes, brooms, and larger equipment can also hang from a small, green pegboard. It can also make it easy to hang my long extension cords.


Open yellow shelving and green built-in cabinets seems best for easy organization for more tools, cords and power strips. I’m always hunting for a free outlet and having power strips on hand makes my life easier.


Storage bins are a must-have for garages! Hanging bins from the ceiling and placing them on my shelves will be easy for me to access them. I’m also one of those people who forget where everything is, so I recommend labeling them too.

Entertainment   bob-marley_00418683

I can go on and on about what I want in my Bob Marley garage, but I’ll keep it to a short list.

  • A Smart TV that can be controlled with my voice and gestures
  • Xbox 1 to play Call of Duty Ghosts. I recently just beat the Extinction game mode!
  • Speaker System to blast Bob Marley songs.
  • Dartboard with Bob Marley’s face on it

Other Decor

  • Lazy Boy recliner or a small couch with a Bob Marley throw for decor.
  • Neon sign of Bob Marley
  • One large Bob Marley posters
  • Stainless steel kegerator to pour my very own tap beer
  • Garage heater to keep warm during winter

To have all this, but still manage to park my car is the optimal goal! Is your garage themed too? I would love to see it for more inspiration, so why not send us some pictures.

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Samantha Cuevas

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