Campers Review Our Portable Ice Maker

Campers Review Our Portable Ice Maker

We recently talked with Travis Mattingly, an enthusiastic R-Pod camper and one of our most enthusiastic customers. He shared some of the great experiences he and his wife have had taking the NewAir AI-100CB Ice Maker out on the road with them. It’s not only saved them money, but also time and made it easier for them to travel and enjoy the great outdoors.

 How long have you been traveling?

My wife and I have been camping for 17 years, ever since we were in college together.  We spent about 12 of those years going out in tents, and the last 5 years camping in our R-Pod Travel Trailer.

Why did you start?

I started camping at a young age.  Kentucky has lots of lakes and campgrounds and wonderful places to visit.  I’ve spent more than 20 years exploring them, and haven’t seen them all.  When I met my wife, I never thought she would take to it like she has, but thankfully for me, she enjoys getting outdoors, taking some time away from school, work, and our normal lives to relax and unwind.

How long have you had your ice maker?

We’ve owned our NewAir AI-100 in Cyan Blue for nearly 2 years now, and honestly I wish I had bought it much sooner. We’re so happy with it.

Where do you use your ice maker?

Our ice maker gets used in a few different ways. We use it at parties and family gatherings. It’s easy to take it anywhere we need it. We’ve taken it to birthday parties, family reunions, and used it at small gatherings in our home.

Secondly, and most importantly for us, we use it in our RV.  It goes with us every time we travel, and we travel a lot. It rides easily and doesn’t take up too much space, and as soon as we get to camp, we turn it on, fill it with water, and start making ice. If we want cold drinks, ice is always ready. If our cooler is running low on ice, it’s easy to keep it topped off.

Campers Review Our Portable Ice MakerDid you look into any other brands, when making your purchase?

I did look into other brands, a lot of them.  I’m very big on research and learning as much as I can about an item before purchasing it.  I looked into were Igloo, Dometic, and Emerson.  They are actually quite popular in the RV world, so I found a lot of places with reliable information, as well as firsthand experience from actual owners.

What feature do you like best about your ice maker?

My favorite feature is its primary feature, which is to make ice and make it quickly.  I’m also thrilled with its compact size and how easy it is to add water and turn it on and wait for that “clunk” sound when ice is dropped into the holding basket.  While we’re camping, we say “ICE!” really loudly each time we hear it drop a new batch.  It’s always been a funny little joke about how often and quickly it makes ice for us.

Would you recommend the brand and why?

I would certainly recommend this brand to absolutely anyone interested in an ice maker, and I’ve actually done just that.  In our group message boards, anyone asks “Does anyone use or have an ice maker?” I immediately post pictures of my blue NewAir and mention how happy with are with it.  I tell people over and over that it’s a great machine, that ours has performed flawlessly in the middle of the summer heat, and that NewAir is a great company to deal with and that I would not doubt for a second that they would always take care of their customers with help and service.

How did you hear about NewAir?

I first heard of NewAir while researching a different product, one of their Oscillating Misting Fans. I’d always wanted one, but my wife thought it was unnecessary.  Let me add that we finally own one now and she wishes we’d gotten one sooner.

While researching those I came across the NewAir brand and saw that they also had ice makers, which I was also shopping for at the time, so I began looking into the company.  I quickly found reviews for your items online and a Facebook page and your webpage.

AI-100CB-10In what ways have you saved money with your ice maker?

If you’re not familiar with what ice costs when you’re camping, let me tell you about it.  It’s a monopoly.  The closer you are to a campground the more you pay.  Even gas stations within a few miles of a lake or campground will over charge on a bag of ice just because they can.  So, our icemaker has saved us money.  We no longer pay $4 or more for 7 lbs. of ice multiple times a week while we’re camping.  But more important is the hassle it’s saved us. We no longer have to leave camp to get ice, we don’t have to drive 10 miles down the road to find a gas station that has ice. We love that.

What has your customer service experience been with us?

Because I often recommend items I buy to our R-Pod groups, I’m always careful to find nothing but the best companies to deal with.  So for me, even before I bought my ice maker, I did some research on NewAir.  I contacted you via Facebook with questions and got fast and helpful responses each time.  I posed several different questions from different accounts, to see if I could get repeat helpfulness and I did each time.  I sent emails to you asking about the company, about the products, about replacement parts, and help if I needed them. Again, I posed different questions across several emails to see if each and every time I’d have the same helpful and fast response, and each time I did.

NewAir has been a pleasure to deal with.  I haven’t found anything negative to say about the experiences I’ve had, and I don’t give out undue praise.  I know it takes time and manpower to run and respond to Facebook and email messages.  NewAir is taking that extra step to be there for their customers and I’m impressed by that.

What advice do you have for someone looking for an ice maker?

I’d offer the simplest bit of advice possible.  Stop looking and check out the NewAir line. Pick the ice maker that works best for your needs, and pick out one of the awesome colors that are available.   Place your order and you’ll be in good hands.

Anything else you want to add?

It means a lot to your customers when you take interest in your customers.  We notice things like that. We appreciate things like that. It builds brand loyalty and return purchasing of other products you sell.  Again, NewAir, you are doing something very right there. Keep it up!

Have any ice maker experiences of your own? Leave a comment and tell us about them!

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