Awesome Wine Cooler Storage Ideas

Awesome Wine Cooler Storage Ideas
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People who love wine love wine coolers because they keep wine fresh until it’s ready to drink, but where’s the best place to store them? Because there’s no ready-made space for them in your home, wine cooler storage can be an interesting creative dilemma.

Under Counter Wine Cooler Storage

Rather than putting them against the wall, the best solution for many homeowners is to store their wine fridges under their kitchen counters. It’s convenient, it frees up space, and it raises home values. People have a lot of positive associations with wine and an under counter wine cooler carries them over into your home. Kitchens are also a natural place for people to congregate and a glass of wine tastes nice while you’re cooking. If you’re interested in under counter storage, here’s a few things to consider.

  1. Space. Under counter wine coolers are designed to fit into the space occupied by a standard cabinet or drawers. You’ll have to remove them to install a wine cooler, which means sacrificing some of your storage space. If you have an under counter trash compactor, you can remove it and replace it with a wine cooler instead, just keep in mind the coolers made to fit those spaces are narrower than a standard wine refrigerator, so installing one of them means you might not be able to store as much wine.
  2. Clearance. Wine cooler doors need to open 90 degrees in order to provide full access, which often means wine coolers have to extend at least two inches out past the countertop. It’s easier to get clearance if you have a cooler with a reversible door. If there’s an obstacle on one side of the cooler, you can simply flip the door around and have it open the other way.
  3. Power. Wine coolers operate best if the power outlet is directly behind the unit when you slide it in. If there isn’t an outlet available in the desired location, you may have to install one. If you don’t have experience with electrical wiring, contact an electrician.
  4. Location. If you like to share a bottle of wine with friends or family members while you’re cooking, it’s best to place your wine cooler away from the cooking area. If you have an island, consider placing your wine cooler on the end or opposite your cooking space. It’ll create a nice buffer between where you cook and where you socialize.
Awesome Places to Put Your Wine Cooler
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Front venting wine coolers are easier to store under counters than rear or side venting units because there’s no risk of them overheating. Rear or side venting fridges need two inches of space all around them for proper ventilation.

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Awesome Wine Cooler Storage Ideas

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