Awesome Wine Cooler Storage Ideas, Part II

Awesome Wine Cooler Storage Ideas, Part II
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In our last post, we discussed ways to integrate your wine cooler into your kitchen. This time, we explore other parts of the house where a wine cooler might be useful.

Living Room

Because living rooms are where most homeowners relax and entertain, so it makes sense to have a few bottles of wine close at hand, which is why they’re one of the most popular spots for a wine cooler. Many people’s first impulse is to push it up against the wall or into a corner, but if you’re serious about wine, there are more creative ways into integrate it into your living room.

One of the most popular is recessing it into a dry bar or a wet bar, the same way you would install it under your kitchen counter. Most under counter wine coolers are designed specifically to fit into the space for a standard set of drawers, so installation is simple. Just make sure to check if there’s an adequate power supply behind the cooler.

If you don’t have a bar, you may want to consider building one around a wine cooler, in a nook or along a wall. They don’t have to be complicated, with a full set of cabinets and a sink, in order to be effective. Install a counter, place your wine cooler beneath it, and mount a few shelves on the wall. It’ll provide a safe space for wine glass and other party supplies that’s convenient and easily accessible.

Dining Rooms

If you enjoy a good glass of wine with dinner, then the dining room is another great location. Because dining rooms are high traffic areas, accommodating a wine cooler, can be tricky. Besides the dining table itself, you need to leave adequate space for people to slide their chairs in and out, as well as for people carrying food in from the kitchen. If you have a small, freestanding wine cooler, its best to place it in a corner or under one of the serving tables to make sure it’s out of everyone’s way.

If your wine cooler is taller than counter height, you may want to consider recessing it into the wall. You should consult with a carpenter and electrician before you attempt this, in order to make sure adequate space and power is available, but if it is, it’s no more difficult than installing a wine cooler under your counter. Aesthetically, most people find recessed wine coolers very pleasing. Wine has a lot of positive associations in people’s minds and placing a wine cooler in your dining room helps conjure them up.

Want to learn more about incorporating a wine cooler into your home? Check out our full-length article on neat places to put your wine cooler. As always, if you have questions, leave them in the comments below!


Awesome Wine Cooler Storage Ideas, Part II

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