Interview with Aether Wine Company

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The Aether Wine Company is a Santa Barbara winery that’s been crafting beautiful and delicious wines for years. They approach wine making the way it was meant to be: as an art, not a science. We’re fascinated by all things related to wine and wine making, so we were very excited when we had an opportunity to sit down and talk with their marketing and operations manager Brian Bianchetti. We discussed what makes their wine so special, wine storage, and how pair wine with food.  They had some interesting thoughts and some good advice for veteran and novice wine lovers.

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What can people expect from your wine selection? What makes you different from the competition?

Aether Wine Company, led by veteran winemaker Jeff Fink, has set out to create wines that respect their place of origin and their vintage, but aspire to the more complex and poetic properties of which wine is capable. The Aether Wine Project is about shared experiences: one part cerebral and thought-provoking, and two parts visceral and sensory.

Where can people buy your wine?

Due to the limited availability, the best place to find Aether wine is our website. We ship to most states in the U.S. Check the website for availability:

Why is it important to store wine correctly?
People often forget that wine is a living, breathing entity — sensitive to an array of conditions. While most wine is consumed in a young state, aged wine can take on sensational flavors, aromas, and textures. Storage, however, is paramount to this development.

Aether Wine Company Logo 2Over the course of a fine wine’s life, it has received exceptionally close attention— in the vineyard, during the winemaking process, even to the actual serving and drinking. There’s no reason storage should not be considered an integral part of that process.

What are your thoughts on dual zone wine coolers? Do you recommend people store red & white wine separately?

Typically, one temperature (between 53-57°F) will suffice for most wines – red or white. The option, however, to have a temperature dedicated for serving and a temperature for storage would be a nice feature.

What’s your favorite food and wine paring?

Some wine drinkers rather dogmatically subscribe to traditional food and wine pairings, and in most instances, there’s a reason behind the popularity — they taste really good. But the diversity of food and wine available in today’s global gastronomy present opportunities to push the boundaries.

The Aether brand is a great representation of this approach. We’ve enjoyed our Santa Barbara County-based wines with everything from mushroom risotto with Aether La Colline Pinot Noir to the Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir with miso-glazed salmon. We’re always looking for new ways to elevate the eating and drinking experience. The only rule we live by? There are no rules.

What size wine cooler would you recommend for someone who just got into drinking wine? 

It comes down to budget and what you can afford, but if you’re going to spend time and money getting into wine, it makes sense to ensure the safety and storage of that wine. If you purchase a small wine cooler, it just means you’ll have to drink faster!

Anything else you would like to add? 

As a thank you to our customers and to encourage new customers to try our wine, we are offering limited-time-only holiday bundles with free shipping.

Interview with Aether Wine Company

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