Is Your AC or Fan Drying Out Your Skin?

Is Your AC or Fan Drying Out Your Skin?Summer is finally here, bringing along waves of heat that grow by the day. If you are an outdoorsy person, this season means a lot of fun-filled activities that provide a healthy way to escape the heat and have some fun at the same time. On the other hand, if you spend most of your time indoors, you have no option but to take refuge in a room cooled by the AC or a fan. However while your AC may be working its magic on your body’s temperature, your skin may be suffering.

How Cooling Products Affect the Skin

Your skin reacts to extreme temperature and humidity, a fact some people do not realize despite complaining about chapped lips and powdery skin during winter.

How the Air Conditioner Harms Your Skin

While the air conditioner offers a number of benefits ranging from reducing the risk of heat rash to preventing hay fever attacks, it can have adverse effects on your skin. The problem is not usually serious but it can be uncomfortable since your skin can shrivel, producing fine lines and wrinkles. If you have dry skin, you are bound to feel tightness in your skin or itching. On the outside, your skin will be red, dehydrated or exhibit flaking or peeling.

How Fans Harm Your Skin

The electric fan can also dehydrate your skin, but in a different way. If you stay next to or under an electric fan for long, you will not be able to produce sufficient natural oils to moisturize your skin. As a result, it will be extremely dry and flaky.

Whereas fans and air conditioners affect your skin during summer, heaters cause similar issues during winter. In fact, heaters do more harm to the skin than most cooling products. This is because heaters eliminate moisture from your environment, making it dry and depriving your skin from its essential oils and water. When exposed to this dry air your skin grows even more cracked and itchy. This explains why more people suffer from severe skin problems during the winter than in any other season.

How to Enjoy Your AC or Fan without Affecting Your Skin

If you want to protect your skin without sweating for hours due to the heat, consider the following tips.

Maintain the Right Humidity Levels In Your Room

The humidity in your home should be between 30% and 50%.

Ensuring the ideal humidity level in your home is important for your skin and health. A room with low humidity causes airborne germs and bacteria which ultimately cause a number of diseases as well as skin conditions. So, when humidity levels are too low or too high, balance should be restored. Humidifiers are the best tools for ensuring perfect humidity levels. Not only will they replenish moisture in a room, but they will also maintain a healthy environment in your home. In addition, they work perfectly and automatically with your AC or fan, allowing you to relax and enjoy the cold air.

Reduce Your Exposure to Conditioned Air

You can avoid the skin drying effects of your AC or fan by sitting further away from the cooling device or operating it only when the heat is no longer bearable. If the weather is mild, switch on your fan instead and avoid sitting right beneath it to prevent it from robbing your skin of moisture.

Is Your AC or Fan Drying Out Your Skin?Regulate Your Water Intake

Water is essential for the vitality of your skin. It promotes the production of collagen while rehydrating your body from the inside out. Since the cool air from your cooling device causes lower water retention, it is important to replenish your losses with ample water. If you cannot survive without your AC, you must drink at least eight glasses of water on a daily basis to undo its negative effects on your skin. Remember – you should drink water rather than chilled juices and shakes. These sugary treats are great for a while, but they do not replenish your body’s moisture like water does.

Use Good Moisturizers

If you have to stay in an air-conditioned room for the whole day, you must use a lotion or cream to rehydrate your skin. Keeping a vial of moisturizer in your drawers or pocket will ensure that your skin remains moisturized regardless of the AC. If you feel awkward while thinking what others will say, just remember that your appearance matters in both your social and career life. So if you succeed by looking your best, rest assured that you will be the one doing all the laughing.

Avoid the Use of Regular Soap

If your skin is already dry and it is starting to grow dryer because of your cooling device, using soap will only deteriorate your condition. Soap tends to wash away the residual moisture from your skin, making it dry and itchy. Instead of your usual soap bar, go for glycerin soap instead to decrease the dryness effect. You can also use special face washes that are designed especially for individuals with dry skin.

Place a Water-Filled Pan in Your Room

An electric fan or AC can easily suck the humidity from your surrounding environment. Luckily, there is a little trick that you can use to counter this effect. Just place a bowl of water in your room and you are done. Using this homemade remedy can do the trick and save valuable bucks at the same time. However, this may not work as perfectly as a humidifier, so use it until you have enough to buy one.

Is Your AC or Fan Drying Out Your Skin?In addition to the tips you have just read, you should make sure of choosing the right cooling device. Fans and air conditioners such as those provided by NewAir are skin-friendly. The NewAir AC-12000E portable air conditioner can keep you cool all summer. Set the temperature controls to the exact settings you want, so the air conditioner isn’t constantly running when it’s not needed and drying out your skin. Now that you have these tips to keeping your skin properly hydrated, you’ll never have to worry about dry, flaky patches ever again. Regardless of what device you choose, always remember to take necessary precautions to keep your skin hydrates and moisturized. After all, perfect skin is within reach.

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