5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your NewAir Wine Cooler

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Wine coolers are much more than just a refrigeration unit.

Whether you’re running out of space in your kitchen fridge, or if you’re interested in starting a new hobby, the benefits of owning a wine cooler don’t stop at keeping your bottles cold.

The art of aging wine is a fun and easy hobby, but it’s also a mark of sophistication and class. Rather than viewing your new appliance as a second place for your beverages, think of it as an asset for enhancing the value of your kitchen. You can even build a cooler into your kitchen counter!

Top Reasons to Buy a NewAir Wine Cooler

If you have a wine cooler already or are considering buying one, learn about these five ways to get the most out of your purchase:

1. Age wine under perfect conditions.

Most homes with decorative wine racks can’t properly age wine. For a bottle of wine to reach its peak, it needs to age under the conditions intended by the winery. There are several specifications for aging wine that only a wine cooler can maintain.

The ideal temperature is a consistent 55°F and 60% humidity without fluctuation. Red wines also contain sediment that drifts to the bottom of the bottle. If a refrigerator is frequently opened it will prevent the wine from aging properly because the environment will fluctuate and the sediment will be disturbed.

If wine is kept around food, the odors will seep into the quark and affect the wine’s taste. It’s recommended not to store your wine near meats and cheeses.

Wine should also be kept in a dark environment because it is sensitive to light exposure. In a NewAir wine cooler, LED lights are installed so that you can safely view your wine.

2. Entertain guests.

When you have friends and family over, you’ll always have entertainment. Keep a few bottles on hand to enjoy with your favorite people and learn about everyone’s preferences. You can start a tradition to try a new bottle of wine together whenever the clique is around. Pairing wine with food is also a fun pastime.

Over time, you’ll hear recommendations from your friends as they get more involved in wine tasting. Before you know it, you’ll be invited out for their parties and exposed to all kinds of unique tastes.

3. Adopt a fulfilling hobby.

Having your favorite drink on-hand is great for the nights you want to let loose, but keeping track of and adding to your wine cooler daily is what defines this hobby.

You may find that your favorite wine and spirits store holds frequent wine tastings. When attending these events, you can find new friends with fantastic tastes to recommend. Browsing your local store’s new arrivals or even shopping online for rare flavors is an exciting way to build up to when you add it to your cooler. Then, sometimes after years of suspense, you get to taste it at its peak. Wine connoisseurs pay top dollar chasing rare wine, and eventually you could age your own bottle to perfection.

4. Invest in a quality appliance that will last.

NewAir wine coolers are thermoelectric, which means they are energy efficient and have reduced vibrations to keep from disturbing your aging wine.

Many styles are also dual-zone coolers. One part should be kept at 55°F for the best storage conditions, while the second part can be brought to a higher temperature for serving conditions. Red wine should be served between 62°F and 68°F. Decanting your wine is another way of bringing it up to room temperature.

Best of all, these wine coolers are known for their lasting door seals that contain the temperature and humidity settings.

5. Add style to your kitchen.

Stainless steel is the best finish for appliances and will match many items already in your home. It’s also simple to clean and can even be polished.

There’s no doubt an LED-lit wine cooler will bring a dose of flash to your beautiful kitchen. NewAir coolers are designed to fit in the location of a trash compactor, so if you still have one installed in your home, this is the ultimate replacement.

Whether you put your cooler in an office, bedroom, man cave, garage, or dining room, it is the right size. The smallest holds 10 bottles while the largest can hold 160.

For more on how to collect and age wine, Master Sommelier Michael Jordan can provide advice:


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