5 Original Summer Party Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining

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When it comes to summer entertaining, you can never go wrong with backyard barbecues and pool parties. And everybody loves a good luau, beach party or Mexican fiesta – but maybe it’s time to try something a little different, right? Check out these great summer party ideas to put new twist on entertaining!

County Fair Summer Party

county fair summer party ideas

Break out the old fashioned fun by recreating the sights and sounds of an old time county fair. Decorate with haystacks and bunting. Build your own midway with game booths and food stands. Host a pie eating contest and serve hot dogs on a stick. Here are some other great ideas:

Drive-In Movie Night

drive in movie party summer party ideas

Bring the drive-in home by hosting a movie night in your backyard. Hang up a sheet and pick a favorite flick to share with friends and family (or just roll your TV outside!). Serve up popcorn and sodas for snacking while the movie rolls, and enjoy the show!

Ice Cream Social

ice cream social

Ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream – what’s not to love? Scoop up some cool delights for your guests by hosting an ice cream social. Whether you make custom homemade ice cream or serve up store-bought favorites, be sure to have plenty ice on hand to keep the ice cream frosty!

Campout in the Backyard

campout summer party ideas

Throw a party with a campout theme. This is a great idea especially if you have a fireplace or pit in your backyard. Cook over an open flame , sing camp songs, and spend some time gazing at the stars. You can even put up a tent and host a sleepover – fun for kids and grownups alike!

Vintage Lawn Party

vintage lawn party summer entertaining

Celebrate the aristocratic high life like the Victorians or the Great Gatsby. Set up elegant chairs and tables on the grass and serve a menu that includes tea and cucumber sandwiches. Lavish decorations are a must. For extra fun, ask your guests to dress all in white, and provide straw boaters as a party favor.

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