5 Must Have Party Accessories for New Year’s Eve

Accessories for a new years eve party are a must! You will have the typical “Happy New Year” sign, balloons, champagne and all the other bells and whistles but you don’t want just that. For those of you who are throwing this years New Years eve party for your friends and family you’ll want to make it a night to remember. It is a chance for you to show off and set the bar high for the upcoming years. Here are the 5 New Years eve party game changers that will impress your guests.

#1 Ice Maker

We all think we prepare well enough for our party’s, however we always end up making a second trip to the store for ice. Leaving the party is a buzz kill and no one wants to entrust their house unattended with a handful of belligerent guests. The solution to this growing problem is a NewAir A1-100R portable ice maker. This little puppy produces an amazing 28 pounds of ice a day with a new batch every 6-15 minutes, so you’ll never run out. It lets you choose from three cube sizes (small, medium and large), it has electronic controls and is easy to clean up. You can make your party one to remember by adding a splash of flavor to your ice by following these steps.

  • 1. Select your choice of flavor (I personally like a lemon or cranberry juice)

  • 2. Fill the NewAir portable Ice maker with your chosen flavored Soda/ Water.

  • 3. Wait 6-15 minutes and remove the ice.

  • 4. Enjoy your tasty ice!

#2 Wine Cooler

thermoelectric wine cooler

If you are like me and enjoy a nice glass of wine or two, maybe even three or four and perhaps later on probably some more. Lets be honest, we all end up losing track, but no matter what my red wine has to be 55° and my chardonnay 58-62°. Now a typical fridge is much too cold for whites and no one likes taking their wine out beforehand and waiting so I recommend a Thermoelectric Wine Cooler or Compressor Wine Cooler. Depending on how much you stock up on, NewAir has a nice variety of fridge sizes to accommodate everything from 12 to 52 bottles.  I received my NewAir AWR-460DB 46 Bottle Wine Cooler just about a year ago. It has two compartments with independent climate controls that can be monitored by the digital control panel. With its polished stainless steel frame and insulating tempered glass you wont have to worry about anyone breaking it.

 #3 Kegerator

 Nothing beats a good old fashion kegerator. We all remember our college days and how great they were. No more half or full cans of beer left out to go to waste. With this fine piece of machinery AK-200BK, you are not only the coolest guy but you also have the coolest beer. Keep your beer cold at all times with this fantastic kegerator. Dispense a whopping 60 gallons with ease, and refrigerate a full-size or pony size keg of beer also. It even stores your leftover beer for up to 6 months. That dreadful morning cleanup is but a memory of the past.

#4 Beverage Cooler

 Now for all your pals who bring over their favorite six pack of beer and didn’t expect you to have a kegerator, you will need a beverage cooler. What’s great about this is that it can be placed inside or outside with ease. My personal favorite is the AB-850 because of its large storage capacity, removable racks and LED lighting. It comes in handy for daily use and special occasions.



#5 Portable Air Conditioner

 Room temperature is extremely important. No one likes getting hot and sweaty at a party, especially the ladies who spent hours getting all dressed up to look nice. There is always the one room that everyone gravitates towards (most likely the room with the kegerator or wine cooler) so you will want to make sure you have a portable air conditioner at your New Years Eve party. Don’t buy some crappy piece of junk from the store. You want quality since this will be visible to all and you’ll be stuck with it for years to come. A nice NewAir portable air conditioner should do. They do a great job not only cooling the room but cleaning the air, and eliminating moisture. Some even have heating features which is great during the winter.


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