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    If you're looking for simplicity and satisfaction when chilling your wine collection a Wine Cooler from NewAir is the only solution!

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Our Economical Air Conditioners are the best solution for keeping cool.

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Our Thermoelectric Wine Coolers offer Style, Sophistication and Reliability.

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NewAirs collection of Portable Ice Makers offer Convenience & Dependability 24/7.

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From a small manufacturer in 2002, Newair has evolved into one of the nation's premier home appliance manufacturers for reliable and luxury home appliance goods. As a family owned business we have succeeded, by offering our customers exactly what they want and need. We are renowned for offering an unprecedented collection of wine coolers, for which we have an exciting and varied offering, catering for all our customer needs regardless of style, choice or budget.


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Innovation, design excellence, outstanding product development, quality products supporting UL & ETL certification , and superior warranties distinguish NewAir from all its competitors. All of this commitment is combined with honest, reliable and dedicated customer service that has proven to be a successful framework to ensuring continued success for NewAir.

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  • AW-121E: I found the setup for the cooler to be extremely easy. I had it out of the box and up and running in less than 30 minutes. I love the sleek, modern design of this cooler as well. It looks great in any decor! My favorite feature of this cooler is the interior LED light inside that can be turned on and off with the press of a button. I also love the whisper quiet operation of this cooler, due to the thermoelectric cooling system with no compressor. You'll find that the cooler is so quiet you won't even notice it and your wine bottles won't be vibrating around in the cooler either. This is a wonderful gift idea for the wine lover in your life!


  • AI-100R: I followed the directions and couldn't believe I had ice in 6 minutes. I tried the different settings to try different sizes of ice and I have not been disappointed. I make and bag ice for special occasions. Can't wait to have a party on the deck and provide ice for my guests. I bought this unit to take along in my camper this summer. The freezer is small and I plan to refresh my cooler with beverages daily. Even my husband said that it is great looking.


  • AB-850: I've had the product for about 3 weeks and am very happy with it. The stainless steel and glass front really looks nice. The noise level is very low - not noticeable if you aren't paying attention. Its temperature settings work great and keeps all my beverages nice and cold. There is a light on the inside that you can turn on or off if you want - looks kind of cool with the light on but you have the option to keep it off too. Overall, I'm completely happy with this product and would recommend it.


  • WCD-200W: Very quiet which I love cause I hate noisey things especially since my bedroom is right near the kitchen. It's easy to use and just the right size for small people around 5' tall or under. I have water delivery of 3 gallons for it but will take 5 gallons,you can attach a cup holder dispenser.. Water gets really hot,cold water gets really cold. I give it a 100%


  • AC-12000E: First of all my newaire came so well packaged beyond my expectations. I was able to unpack easily and quickly as well as vent quickly to my bedroom sliding window. This unit cools extremely well and is also very portable. I am female, live alone, and this machine is excellent in every way. I highly recommend. Noise level-it's an airconditioner and no more noisey than any other.


  • G73: I have a 20' x 24' shop built of cinder blocks, no insulation. Since retiring I have started some sub work building cabinetry for a boat contractor. I had sold a pellet stove that was my heat, but needed to get something now and not spend a lot. I researched for quite a while, and this heater kept coming up. I certainly had my reservations seeing the size. Well I bought one and installed it, IT WORKS GREAT. It has been very cold here in Maryland for the last several weeks, highs of 15 degrees and 7 at night. I have not needed to turn it up all the way yet, keeping the heat control at about 2/3rds to 3/4 of the way up. I really don't think you can go wrong with this unit. I still haven't seen my electric bill but according to my calculations it should add about $5.00 a day.


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